Players who want to craft legendary armor in World of Warcraftit is Shadowland the expansion is going to need to get rune ships. In fact, fans will be prompted to pick up one of these Armor Rune ships as part of The Final Pieces quest that comes from the Runecarver in Torghast. For players who may be confused as to the exact nature of these rune ships in World of Warcraft are and where they come from, this guide is here to help.

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Updated August 13, 2021 by Mina Smith: Shadowlands is an extension of World of Warcraft which will continue to grow and change as new DLCs are released. Whichever faction players choose in the Shadowlands, high-tier rune ships are essential to creating the best possible character with the best possible stats. Therefore, new information and additional information was needed to make this article complete. New information and updates have been added to make this guide as comprehensive as possible for those looking to buy or build their own armor in the Shadowlands of World of Warcraft.

What are Rune Ships in Shadowlands?

Simply put, Rune Vessels in Shadowland are the basic items that players will imbue with legendary powers, and there are vessels associated with slots for the head, shoulders, chest, wrist, hands, waist, legs, feet, neck , back and fingers. Additionally, Armor Rune ships for the first eight of these slots come in Cloth, Leather, Mail, and Plate variants, and indeed players will want to target the set that suits their class. To help you with this endeavour, here is a list of all these rune ships divided by armor type:

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Shadowlands Cloth Armor Rune Ships (Sinister Veiled)

  • Sinister Veiled Hood (Head)
  • Sinister Veil Spaulders (Shoulders)
  • Sinister Veil Robe (Chest)
  • Sinister Veil Bracers (Wrist)
  • Sinister Sailing Mitts (Hands)
  • Sinister Veil Belt (Waist)
  • Sinister Veil Pants (Legs)
  • Sinister Veiled Sandals (Feet)

Shadowlands Leather Armor Rune Ships (Umbrahide)

  • Helm of Umbrahide (head)
  • Umbrahide Pauldrons (shoulders)
  • Umbrah Hide Vest (Chest)
  • Shadowskin Armguards (Wrist)
  • Umbrahide Gauntlets (Hands)
  • Umbrahide’s Strap (waist)
  • Shadowskin Leggings (Legs)
  • Umbrahide Treads (Feet)

Shadowlands Rune Mail Armor Ships (Bonebreaker)

  • Bonebreaker Helm (Head)
  • Bonecrusher Pauldrons (shoulders)
  • Bonecrusher Vest (Chest)
  • Bonebreaker Armguards (Wrist)
  • Bonebreaker Gauntlets (Hands)
  • Bonecrusher’s Strap (Waist)
  • Bonebreaker Greaves (legs)
  • Bonecrusher Treads (feet)

Shadowlands Rune Plate Armor Ships (Shadowghast)

  • Shadowghast Helm (Head)
  • Shadowghast Pauldrons (shoulders)
  • Breastplate of Dreadful Shadow (Chest)
  • Shadowghast armguard (wrist)
  • Dread Shadow Gauntlets (Hands)
  • Dreadful Shadow Strap (size)
  • Dreadful Shadow Greaves (Legs)
  • Dreadful Shadow Sabatons (feet)

Shared Rune Ships in Shadowlands

And here are the three rune ships shared by all classes in World of Warcraft:

  • Shadowghast Necklace (Neck)
  • Sinister Veiled Cloak (back)
  • Shadow Shadow Ring (Finger)

How to Get Rune Ships in Shadowlands

With all Shadowlands armored rune ships established, it is now possible to talk about their origin, and the answer is World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Artisans. This is because Rune Cloth Vessels are crafted by Tailors, Leather and Mail Rune Vessels are crafted by Leatherworkers, and Rune Plate Vessels are crafted by Blacksmiths. And as for the shared pieces, these are made by Jewelcrafters (Neck/Finger) and Tailors (Back).

As such, the ways to get runic ships in Shadowland is to craft them or buy them from a craftsman or the auction house. There is one last thing that wow however, players should be aware before pursuing any of these options that Rune Ships can be crafted at four Tiers. These ranks will ultimately determine the stats of Legendary Armor created using the Runecraft, with Rank 4 being the strongest of the bunch.

Runeship Ranks

World of Warcraft players can either create higher tiers of rune ships to start with, or create tier 1 ships and upgrade them. Either way, it takes the same amount of Soul Ash to do it. However, players will save gold by directly upgrading to the highest rank; either way, the process will take a significant amount of Soul Ash and money, so players should be prepared for a massive investment of time. The four possible ranks are:

  • Rank 1: iLvl 190
  • Rank 2: iLvl 210
  • Rank 3: iLvl 225
  • Rank 4: iLvl 235

The iLvl, or item level, of each of these ranks shows players just how amazing these legendary pieces of armor can be, placing them in the highest possible rank of armor currently available in the game. , players should save as much gold as possible and get to this Soul Ash grind as soon as possible.

World of Warcraft is available for PC.

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