May 5, 2022

(Photo: Nauticus Robotics)

Nauticus Robotics, Inc., a Houston-area developer of underwater and surface offshore robots and autonomy software, and Wood PLC, a global consulting and engineering company, have signed a memorandum of understanding focused on the development of an offer of integrated services to provide more cost-effective and environmentally friendly maintenance of end customers’ underwater infrastructures.

“This is a great example of the offshore digitization effort and innovative use of emerging offshore robotics. Combining these two innovations makes perfect sense,” said Todd Newell, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Nauticus. “It will be exciting to see the benefits and value this partnership will bring to our customers.”

“Our team sees the opportunity to influence the full life cycle cost of conventional and renewable offshore marine assets,” said Matt Kirk, SVP Specialist Engineering & Consulting at Wood. “To unlock these possibilities for our customers, we need incremental change technologies combined with deep domain engineering expertise. Wood is thrilled to work with a company like Nauticus that defies convention and drives true innovation in the underwater self-contained solutions market.

Nauticus has a fleet of underwater and surface green ocean robots. Its tandem robots include Hydronaut, a small vessel with optional crew operating on the surface, and Aquanaut, the world’s first untethered underwater robot that deploys robust and complex decision making, which can collect data and interact with the environment. offshore with no personnel required nearby.