New Delhi, March 25: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has filed an additional indictment in a case of heroin smuggling of 500 kg by people based in Dubai.

The drugs were smuggled through the Pakistan-India sea route.

Previously, 10 defendants had been charged in the case. The indictment was filed in a special court in Ahmedabad.

The case was initially registered by the Gujarat Counter Terrorism Squad in 2018.

The case concerns a criminal conspiracy by the Dubai- and Pakistan-based defendant to smuggle and distribute 500 kg of illegal narcotic heroin from Pakistan to Gujarat by sea.

This heroin was brought by Pakistani nationals in a Pakistani fishing boat and delivered to Indian territorial waters near Jakhau Port in Kutch.

The NIA had re-registered the case on July 2, 2020.

Defendant Shahid Kasam Surma was a close associate of previous defendants – Arshad Razak Sota and Rafik Adam Sumra – who have been on the run since committing the crime.

Surma had stored, transported and delivered 495 kg of the 500 kg of drugs received from Pakistan to Amritsar, Punjab through his associates.

A red formal notice was issued against him by Interpol. He was later expelled from Dubai and arrested in this case. (IANS)