Caraway’s ceramic cookware is stunning, but is this nonstick set really worth the high price tag? We tested it to find out.

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I’ve seen a lot of beautiful (but expensive!) kitchen utensils on Instagram over the past few years. Whether it’s the timeless Made-In Porcelain Griddle, the colorful Great Jones Holy Sheet, or the Our Place Always All-Purpose Pan, it’s easy to wonder if these vessels are as practical as they are. pretty.

As a food writer, cookbook author, and former professional baker, I’m always skeptical of kitchen equipment that sounds too good to be true. But I’m also intrigued if new technology can improve my cooking. So when I got the chance to test Caraway’s latest non-stick cookware, I jumped at the chance. This is what happened when I put the 5 Piece Caraway Cooking Set through the steps in my kitchen at home.

What is caraway cookware?

Caraway was launched in 2018 with a range of revolutionary eco-friendly pots and pans. They are made of aluminum and coated with ultra-slippery ceramic. Unlike many nonstick pots and pans on the market, Caraway products are free of potentially toxic materials like heavy metals, PTFE, PFO (aka Teflon), and PFAs. We tested Caraway cookware and loved it.

Three years after taking the kitchen world by storm, Caraway introduced ceramic-coated cookware in fall 2021. It’s available in bundled sets as well as individual pieces.

Caraway’s range of cookware includes eight kitchen essentials:

You can also choose from a variety of cookware sets, including:

All Caraway cookware is available in the brand’s stunning colors of Cream, Navy, Slate, Perracotta, Sage and Marigold. It is also available in a traditional gray hue.

How We Tested Caraway Bakeware

sticky buns in the baking dish with cuminKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

I tested Caraway’s 5-Piece Cooking Setwhich contains two baking sheets of different sizes, a muffin pan, a rectangular pan and a cupboard organizer for storage.

Now, normally when I cook, I almost always line my pans with parchment paper or aluminum foil. In the rare case that I don’t, I will liberally grease the pans with butter or cooking spray and a dusting of flour or sugar to make sure nothing sticks.

But to test if Caraway’s ceramic cookware is as nonstick as it claims, I skipped my usual prep process. I tested a number of different sweet and savory recipes without lining or greasing my skillet. And I also made sure to test gooey ooey recipes that are notorious for sticking.

The first up? The stickiest of all baked goods, which is, of course, the sticky bun. I made a big batch of honey nut sticky buns, put ’em directly in 13×9 inch Rectangular Caraway Baking Panand prepared to fail.

When I unmolded the hot sticky buns, there were a few nuts that stubbornly stuck to the bottom. But for the most part the hot, sticky buns, nuts, and honey slid off the pan and onto my serving tray. Later, when the pan was cold, I plucked the nuts that had chosen to stay behind with my fingertips. I wiped off any sticky residue with a damp sponge. No rubbing, no dipping, no snipping off the burnt caramel bits with the back of a spoon. Caraway cookware literally takes seconds to clean. (If you ever are (in a pinch, here’s how to clean a burnt pan.)

For my next test, I kept the honey glazed theme and made a sweet corn muffin casserole with honey butter. I dropped each spoonful of batter directly into Caraway muffin pan without cupcake tins. Once cooled, the muffins slid through without the need to loosen them with a butter knife or give the pan a few good knocks on the counter.

To test the Caraway Baking Sheets, I made a batch of my favorite quick and easy coconut macaroons, which are little more than coconut flakes and sticky sweetened condensed milk. Once cooled, all it took to remove the cookies from the pan was a slight tilt. The coconut macaroons immediately slipped away!

Characteristics of caraway cookware

Now that we have established that the 5 Piece Caraway Cooking Set does an outstanding job of baking things (that’s the most important thing!), it’s safe to say how beautiful it is. Available in seven gorgeous colors, the set looks and feels luxurious, so it’s worth it.

Caraway pans are made of high quality, heavy duty aluminum steel, renowned for its ability to heat quickly and evenly and maintain a consistent temperature. The exterior is glazed mineral ceramic, made from natural materials.

Caraway cookware is oven safe up to 550 degrees F. While it may seem silly to mention that a range of cookware is oven safe, it is important to note that when traditional non-stick pans heat at 500 degrees, they can potentially release toxic chemicals and noxious odors. With Caraway, there’s no need to worry.


  • Truly non-stick
  • Executed perfectly in testing
  • Heavy weights
  • Easy to clean
  • Uniform heating
  • Gorgeous colors
  • Cooking sets are easy to store with included organizers
  • Made with environmentally friendly materials and fair labor practices

The inconvenients

  • higher price
  • Not dishwasher safe

Caraway Cookware FAQ

cumin muffins bakeware muffin tinKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

What is special about Caraway cookware and bakeware?

Caraway manufactures some of the safest cookware and bakeware on the market. It offers non-stick cooking surfaces without the use of harsh and toxic chemicals. Compared to traditional non-stick coated pans, Carvi pans are also environmentally friendly. They release 60% less CO2 during the manufacturing process and are shipped in recycled cardboard packaging with low impact print dyes and zero plastic. Caraway cookware is also made ethically. The company works with manufacturing partners where employees work in safe conditions and are paid fairly with health benefits.

Can you use metal utensils on Caraway?

Just like other nonstick cookware, metal utensils can scratch and chip the ceramic coating. Stick to wood, nylon Where silicone utensils to keep Carvi in ​​good condition.

What other reviewers had to say

5 star review, Michael, says: “It’s a very nice set. I found the baking very evenly distributed. Cleaning was very easy with this ceramic finish. Very nice pans too. They are certainly expensive, but seem worth the cost as they should hopefully last a lifetime.

“The best set of baking dishes I’ve ever owned!” verified buyer, darianne, writing. “I don’t think I’ve had nonstick trays that don’t have sticky things. I’ve made batches of muffins before, and they slide out easily, which makes cleanup a breeze!”

Laurie agrees, explaining, “I got this after falling in love with Caraways cookware, and it didn’t disappoint. Beautiful design, sturdy and durable ceramic construction and simply amazing non-stick surfaces. Has everything you need for any baking recipe and organizes super well. To like!”

final verdict

There’s no denying that Caraway cookware is expensive, but there’s also no denying that it’s worth every penny. This is a cookware set that, if cared for properly, can very well last a lifetime. It’s a worthwhile investment that will likely save you money in the long run.

I would recommend buying pans individually if you are giving them as gifts, and that would really be a spectacular gift for anyone in your life who is serious about baking. They fit in perfectly with our other gift ideas for bakers, bakers and bakers!

But if you’re buying Caraway cookware for yourself, it makes sense to splurge on our tests. Set of 5 cooking utensils, which is $50 less than if you bought all the parts individually. Or the Set of 11 cooking utensils, which will save you $150. We expect to see it added to many wedding lists too!

Where to buy caraway cookware

5 Piece Caraway Cooking Setthrough the merchant

You can purchase Caraway cookware from a variety of retailers. Take the 5 piece set on Caraway website, Amazon Where Bed bath and beyond for around $250. While waiting for the arrival of your brand new cooking utensils, start dreaming about all the delicious pastry recipes you will make!

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