Western Australia has recorded a new local case of COVID-19, close contact with another case during the recent Perth outbreak triggered by a backpacker.

The last infected person is in quarantine at the hotel and has been questioned by contact tracers.

Premier Mark McGowan said several other exposure sites had been identified in Perth and the southwest of the state, amid fears the virus had spread to that region for the first time during the ‘epidemic.

New exhibition venues were listed in South Bunbury, Fremantle, Preston Beach, South Fremantle, Perth and Kardinya.

They include the train line between Perth and Fremantle as well as the bus lines from Kardinya, Spearwood and Hilton to Fremantle.


Mr McGowan said contact tracers were working hard to identify other exposure sites and track contacts.

“But we need you to do the right thing and take the test. If you’ve been at an exhibition site, you need to come forward immediately,” he said.

The latest infection brings the number of local cases linked to the epidemic to 14.

The inhabitants of the South-West invited to hide themselves

Bunbury doctor Brenda Murrison, who runs general medicine clinics in the southwest, has urged residents to wear masks although they are not covered by Perth’s mandate and restrictions.

Bunbury GP Brenda Murrison fears the virus could encroach on the southwest. (ABC News: Jessica Hayes)

Mask requirements currently only apply to people who have been in the Perth and Peel areas since December 16.

Dr Murrison expected the mask’s mandate to be extended to the region yesterday and ordered all staff at his clinics to wear them.

“As the number of exhibition sites seems to grow more and more every day, I think we’re all getting a little more careful,” she said.

“We find that a lot of our patients choose to wear masks. “

Tests not performed on 24 close contacts

The outbreak began with a French backpacker who tested positive on December 23 after arriving from Queensland.

He had visited several sites in Perth, including several nightclubs that same evening.

A medical worker talks to people in a car passing by the COVID clinic.
Anyone who has visited an exhibition site is invited to be tested immediately. (ABC News)

WA Health has now identified 720 close contacts in the outbreak, of which 24 have yet to be tested. There are 1,488 casual contacts, of which 231 have not yet been tested.

There are also four new WA-linked COVID-19 cases linked to returning travelers, all of whom are in hotel quarantine.

There are 32 confirmed active cases in Washington state, with 5,139 Western Australians swabbed in clinics yesterday.

New Years Eve looms amid restrictions

As Perth remained subject to restrictions triggered by the outbreak, Police Minister Paul Papalia urged people to have fun at New Years celebrations, but to do so in a safe and responsible manner, especially if there is had alcohol.

WA Police Minister Paul Papalia listens to a press conference outside in front of a policewoman and an ambulance.
Police Minister Paul Papalia urged New Year’s revelers to do the right thing.(ABC News: Tabarak Al Jrood)

“What often happens is that people, especially young men with alcohol and testosterone on board, can get together and end up spoiling their night and spoiling other people’s night,” he said. he declared.

Although nightclubs have been forced to close and concerts canceled, Mr.

A woman and two men waiting for an elevator wearing masks
Face masks are mandatory indoors in public, and revelers are encouraged to wear them outdoors as well.(ABC News: Keane Bourke)

The state government has announced that event planners will be compensated for up to 75% of their box office loss, up to a cap of $ 150,000, although this may be waived under certain circumstances.

Mr Papalia said it was a very generous compensation scheme, but he sympathized with the companies hard hit.

“It’s a sad thing. It’s part of the pandemic,” he said.

Although masks are not mandatory outdoors, the government is encouraging people to wear masks outdoors during New Year’s Eve celebration to ensure they are safe from COVID.

Man fined $ 5,000 for illegal party on boat

Calls for people to party responsibly came as police fined a 42-year-old Yokine man for hosting a Boxing Day boat party in violation of COVID-19 restrictions.

Police allege the man advertised the holiday as a paid event on a chartered boat on the Swan River.

They said a video of the party on social media showed people standing close to each other, dancing and drinking.

People did not appear to be wearing masks.

The restrictions that came into effect on December 23 banned musical events and dancing on premises, including on board a ship.

Police said the man made a full confession and was fined $ 5,000.

The fine came as an article circulated on social media selling $ 150 tickets to a New Years boat party on the Swan River.

The post said the party would feature a DJ while watching fireworks “from the best place in town,” while claiming the event would be “COVID-safe” as it was a private party to be held outside.

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