Vessel Brand manufactures vaporizers and accessories for cannabis users who value design and function. The brand recently sent two luxury ashtrays to Ganjapreneur, their Ash and Ember models. Ash is a 3 piece concrete ashtray with a walnut lid and a walnut wood storage tray concealed under the main concrete piece. Ember is a striking and small pure brass ashtray in a brilliant gold sheen with a cork pad to protect surfaces. Both pieces feel intentionally built to blend into a home’s interior design without making guests feel like they’re in a college hangout.


This piece is the more compact of the two, it fits in the palm of your hand but has some weight. Ember was precision engineered in California, the brass and concrete versions are one piece. Cork embellishments on the bottom ensure the well-weighted ashtray won’t scratch surfaces. It has been a great addition to my living room. I don’t often smoke joints in this space now that we have a baby, but if there are guests around and the time is right, it’s really handy to put Ember in a drawer by the couch for a quick session. I have the brass option with a gold finish but Ember is also available in concrete.


Sturdy but elegant, this ashtray is installed at my bedside because it is the place conducive to cannabis in my house where I consume most often. The compartments nestle under the concrete ashtray which is then covered with a walnut lid, perfect for holding my lighter and the hemp wick. Compartments are designed to hold other Vessel accessories sold separately. Ash would blend in with a side table or coffee table and not stand out against other decor. The lid allows you to place a vase or coasters on top for even more concealment if desired. The large tray and storage make it a great option for someone who uses cannabis daily, and its design makes it a great choice for the social smoker. Ash has something for everyone.

When I first started looking at luxury home decor designed for the cannabis consumer, I was worried there wasn’t much to say. But that wasn’t a problem given the intentional and precise design of Vessel Brand’s ashtrays. Getting to know each piece was simple but also new in its own way. The Ash is specifically new and differentiates itself from other ashtrays on the market in that it allows easy storage of accessories.

These products are a step up for cannabis consumers who are developing their adult interior design preferences and are looking for a high-end functional ashtray that meets their needs. Both products are designed for specific uses, and I found each served its purpose while looking brilliant in my mid-century modern home.

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