When the last edition of INSECT kicks off in Shanghai in January, pioneers from all over the world will come together to once again explore the next chapter in street culture. This time around, the three-day fair teamed up with Jerry Lorenzo of Fear of God, making the creation its very first co-curator. In turn, Lorenzo has reached out to a number of talents from his personal contacts, who will all come to the salon to respond to the theme of “Balance”.

As East Asia’s premier fashion, art, technology and music event, the fair is renowned for connecting the most influential names in today’s culture. One of those names is Jordan Page, the mind behind the IG platform, very advanced, which has hand-selected its 10 must-have products that will be exhibited at INNERSECT in January. Take a look at the selection below.

GR10K Windbreaker Skeleton Jacket

GR10K is a brand that I have had in my eyes for a little while. Amid the gorp-core craze, we’ve seen some older brands dominate the landscape, so it’s refreshing to have more options. The Gore-Tex lace-up jacket is sure to protect you from the harsh elements while the bright orange and gray color blocking will keep all eyes on you.

A Better Feeling Ginkgo aluminum candle

Growing up I learned to appreciate well-made products besides shoes and clothes and candles have definitely become a recent obsession of mine. Encased in a two-part container, ABF uses vegetable wax infused with notes of juniper, jasmine, rose hips, tall herbs, white amber and fresh moss that will fill any room with a bright scent. The pattern of a candle flame etched into the aluminum casing is also fun and nifty.

Union x CPFM A Wider Circle crew neck

The ever-elusive Cactus Plant Flea Market has teamed up with the legendary Union to kick off one of the most exciting streetwear collaborations to end 2021. CPFM’s signature random graphic design blends well with the social and community messaging we have. we’re used to seeing union over the years. This crew neck is a must have for those who love big graphics.

Small brown ostrich ANA bag LUAR

This one is for my mini bag lovers. After a 2-year hiatus, LUAR returned to the fashion scene with the ANA in 2021. Anyone looking for the heir apparent to Telfar’s “it” bag looks no further. And like Telfar, LUAR is fairly reasonably priced compared to other luxury leather bags while still being 100 percent leather.

Zipped sweatshirt Audial AFFWRKS

A new project from a team of stars including Kiko Kostadinov, Taro Ray, Stephen Mann and Michael Kopelman The Audial AFFXWRKS zip-up sweatshirt is the perfect piece for fashion and comfort. The heavy cotton half-zip features a kangaroo pocket, tonal side graphics, back logo and adjustable hem to keep you out of the cold. Look for more dope staples, including hoodies and t-shirts, from AFFXWRKS.

Salomon XT Quest

I’ve kept a pair of Salomons in my shoe rotation for almost four years now with no regrets, and the XT Quest in beige is next on my must-cop list. Salomon, more than any other technical footwear brand, implements a great sense of design that pairs well with other gorp-core brands as well as looks from other clothing trends. This is why they will continue to have a strong presence even after the fashion for technical outdoor clothing ends.

BE @ RBRICK x Innersect 2021

Clearly, BE @ RBRICK does not need to be introduced but I have to say that I simply love this piece because it evokes a strange domestic nostalgia by reminding me of my grandmother’s fine china. And if I ever find myself in possession of an object, like my grandmother’s fine china, it will be safely placed in a place where no one can touch it. Never.

HYMNE Navy Tone-on-Tone Check Sweatpants

“Made in Portugal” so you know it’s good. HYMNE is a funky brand that breathes fresh air into the Los Angeles fashion scene and these overdyed patchwork sweatpants are absolutely out of this world. These look recycled and functional, almost as if BODE and Arc’teryx have joined forces.

Profound Button Down 3 Multiplaid Shirt

The patchwork trend seems to be picking up speed and I’m very happy to witness it. What I like about Profound’s approach to this trend is that the silhouette is that of your typical button down, but the asymmetry occurs within the confines of the shirt, giving it a refined feel but before. -keeper. A must have for the colder months if you ask me.

Indigo Denim Labrum Trousers

I am absolutely in love with these pants. Everything from the construction to the silhouette and how they fall on the shoes in the wash. Labrum is one of the most exciting brands and Creative Director Foday Dumbaya really brought these pants out of the park. Baggy jeans forever.

INNERSECT takes place in Shanghai from January 15th to 17th. Learn more here.