ValheimThe build system has led to a long line of awesome creations shared by its players. By gathering wood and stone, players can build almost any type of structure with just one take: Valheim requires structural stability. These realistic limitations have caused some headaches for players, and in the latest example, a player shared the grief of building a bridge before unlocking the Drakkar in-game.

Valheim was released in 2021, and the game combines Norse mythology and Viking culture in an open world. Although players have to deal with survival mechanics in this game, it also has a building mechanic that allows players to build structures and defenses to make their life easier.


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This post is from u/Jusblazm, and is immediately available to anyone who has built complex creations in Valheim. Through this unique image, the player shows a bridge they have built that crosses a river in the Meadows biome. Although the structure is well supported, has a stone foundation, and cuts perfectly across this body of water, there is one clear problem: it is not tall enough. Stuck to one side of the bridge is that player’s longship. It’s the tallest ship in the game, and its single mast reaches just high enough to touch the top of the deck, ensuring it can’t move below. As the game requires players to transport metals the old fashioned way, this hurdle must have been a frustrating realization.

Although it seems like an avoidable mistake, the Drakkar recipe requires materials that were inaccessible before ValheimThe swamp biome. Therefore, players who play the game for the first time will probably not know the height requirement for this ship until they have already built many structures. Luckily u/Jusblazm should be able to adjust this structure without having to completely disassemble it since they only need about an extra foot of height.

Although it can be frustrating that ValheimThe building system of requires structures to be stable, it also makes building complex structures more impressive. Having to figure out how to support each section of a build, ensure there are enough materials, and balance the overall look with the need for structural help only adds to the challenge.

Then again, having to factor in proper support beams for every building players create might be too much for some players, especially when they dwell in a world filled with mythical creatures and special abilities. Either way, this player is showing a moment for which most Valheim players can easily get sympathy.

Valheim is now available for PC.

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