Western Mariner beached with her trailer safely anchored in the Neva Strait (USCG)

Posted on March 21, 2022 9:19 PM by

The Maritime Executive

A tug ran aground north of Sitka in southeast Alaska on Monday, causing a ruptured fuel tank and a splinter in the water, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Around 03:00 on Monday, the Juneau sector command center received a VHF call from the tug Western sailor. The crew reported that their tug had collided with its own trailer, the 280ft container barge Chicago supplier, causing the tug to run aground in the Neva Strait. Photos from the scene showed western sailor high and dry on the shore.

The collision ruptured one of the tug’s fuel tanks, but no injuries were reported and all four crew members were safely transferred to a nearby vessel. All fuel manifolds aboard the tug were secured to isolate the ruptured tank, and fuel relief efforts began. tugs Banner and Salvation and the fishing boat Nushagak Spirit are on hand to help as needed.

Images courtesy of USCG

Containment booms were deployed to reduce the spread of oil and the barge was safely anchored in the Neva Strait. The tug’s owner, Seattle-based Western Towboat, contracted Hanson Maritime, SEAPRO and Global Diving & Salvage for the response.

The Coast Guard, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, and Western Towboat established a unified command to handle the incident.

The 83 feet western sailor is the first Western tug built in its own shipyard in Seattle. It is a conventional twin screw tug with the Western brand aluminum deckhouse.