September 14, 2022

The boat is designed to carry passengers and provide diving support for harvesting operations from Kanapachi to Hawaii. Tideman Boats US photo

Tideman Boats United StatesNorth Andover, Massachusetts delivered a 7.1m x 2.35m (23.2’x7.7′) workboat Ocean Blue RBB 700 OB at Blue Ocean MaricultureKallua-Kona, Hawaii. silverback marineTacoma, Washington outfitted the new boat.

“Our first US-built Tideman boat was a beauty, and it’s fitting that it went to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Tideman Boats US fabricated the HDPE hull and Silverback Marine did the outfitting of the vessel” , Matthew O’Sullivan, Tideman Boats USA, Sales and Business Development, said, “This HDPE workboat is a game-changer for the North American market and continues the legacy of our partner in Holland. Blue Ocean Mariculture RBB 700 OB will work off the coast of Hawaii for crew transport and deep water dive support operations. These boats are outstanding, and this was the first Tideman workboat built in North America.”

The boat is designed to carry passengers and provide diving support for harvesting operations from Kanapachi to Hawaii. The 100% high-density polyethylene hull is, according to Tideman Boats US, durable, virtually indestructible, requires no bottoming paint, and is resistant to marine growth. The new boat will be part of Blue Ocean’s fleet of landing craft and other retired Navy vessels.

The new vessel is powered by a single 150 horsepower engine Mercury outboard which gives the boat a running speed of 35 knots. Ocean Blue RBB 700 OB is equipped with a Starfish hydraulic steering system.

“Project Blue Ocean was one of our most notable projects of 2022. What was particularly special about this project was the quality of its execution, given the number of ‘firsts,'” O said. ‘Sullivan. “As the first Tideman HDPE vessel built in the USA, the client also had a demanding list of special requirements, including dive access, storage and a bold and aggressive aluminum superstructure to complement the lines of the boat. European inspiration that Tideman cases are known for.

The electronic suite includes Shakespeare VHF antenna, Raymarine Axiom 7″ DV with transom multifunction transducer, and Hello Seahawk lighting.

“At Silverback, we expect these HDPE hulls to have a huge impact on the industry. Our entire team of seasoned boat builders have been thoroughly impressed with the product,” said Ian Gracey of Silverback Marine. “Durability is an unmatched combination that, along with Tideman US design, performance and A-Team, will change the way we think about workboats between 20′ and 50′ in nearly every industry of commercial marine. .”

The boat, which carries a 50 gal. fuel tank, was built for a crew of two and up to eight passengers.