Whether it’s a candle, a fragrance diffuser or a room spray, home fragrances are the unsung hero of decoration. A scent can evoke a nostalgic feeling, especially for the holidays, set the mood for a party, or at the very least, help mask smells from cooking, pets, and children. Candles and diffusers can also be a great way to decorate a table, nightstand, or even a bookcase. No matter the preferred scent category, room style, or mood, these are the best home fragrance products to consider buying, gifting and enjoying for the holiday season and all year round. .

Perfect for the Holidays: The Christmas Trio of Greenhouse Scents

Glasshouse candles made in Australia are charming in every way, from their intricate yet familiar scents to their unique glass containers with cute matching lids inspired by candy jars. The Christmas Trio makes the perfect holiday hostess or stocking stuffer gift. It can also be separated and given as three separate tokens. This set includes three scents: Night Before Christmas (a true classic), White Christmas (a nostalgic return) and Gingerbread House (a gourmet treat). Larger candles packaged in red, silver and white jars are also available and add a sophisticated touch of holiday cheer to any room.

When only the best will do: LesRuches Marbré and Bougies Onyx

LesRuches Mabré and Onyx candles put other luxury candles to shame. Cream-colored onyx and black marble containers are available in eight ounce sizes while Marbled containers are available in larger sizes up to 54 ounces. These candles were designed for decoration and the larger ones can even be used as bookends. Just be sure to move them away from the paper before turning them on. They also look striking on the edge of a tub, turning any bathroom into a spa. The fragrances including Le Tabac and Bois Dé Santal are just as sophisticated as the packaging. When the wax is used up, the containers can be reused or refilled.

Subtle but festive: L’Avant Collective Winter Fir Candle

While the smell of Christmas trees is pleasant, many holiday candles are overwhelming, but not L’Avant Collective Winter Fir. The 100 percent natural scent features notes of cedar, fir, balm and sandalwood from a blend of soy and coconut waxes. It has a subtle scent that feels fresh and bright. It’s the perfect candle to burn while decorating a gingerbread house or drinking a mug of hot chocolate. The frosted green ship has a minimalist yet upscale vibe to add a nice splash of color. Don’t have enough? The Avant Collective also manufactures Winter Fir hand and dish soaps. The brand also recently launched a candle of its signature fragrance Fresh Linen.

To go tailor-made: Taja Collection

The Taja collection not only offers beautifully scented candles (bergamot + cashmere smells what dreams are made of), but they will personalize the glass container, making it the perfect candle to give as a gift. The candles are hand cast in small batches in Miami of 100 perfect soy waxes, with no additives, phthalates, parabens or synthetic dyes. Whether it’s a logo, a pet portrait, a monogram or a personally meaningful saying, Taja can put any design on the candle or the wooden top ( which also serves as a coaster),

For lovers of gourmet candles: Otherland Dessert First

Dessert is the best part of any meal and no one knows this other country better. This brand is known for its intricate, room-filling fragrances and Dessert First is no exception. Packaged in a plum purple sugar holder, this scent has notes of ginger, black cardamom and milk tea. Made from soy and coconut wax, Otherland candles are toxin-free, vegan, hand-poured in the USA, and have a generous 50 hour burn time.

Bon Karma included: JAÉ & Co Alpine Evergreen candles

JAÉ Candles & Co was founded by three teens from New Jersey during the pandemic to create light during a dark time. The brand recently announced its partnership with the KIND Campaign, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting harassment, started by Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson. Ten percent of Alpine Evergreen candle revenue goes to this important cause. All JAÉ candles are hand cast and made from all natural soy wax. In addition to this limited edition candle, the brand also offers fun gourmet scents like Pumpkin Ginger Spice and Sugar Vanilla Chestnut.

A raised diffuser: diffuser Lindye Galloway Thucassi Ferrum

While diffusers can be a great alternative to candles or to provide a continuous scent, most don’t do much in the way of decorating. However, Lindye Galloway’s Ferrum diffuser just pops up. The chic navy blue bottle looks like an item found at an antique shop or estate sale. However, instead of the standard reeds, the scent is diffused through dried flower buds in hues of cornflower.

Ideal for high vibrations: inspired by life therapy

Lifetherapy is a brand that lives up to its name with candles designed to feel therapeutic. With a generous 75-hour battery life, it contains notes of gardenia, pineapple leaf, sensual musk and palm bark. Fresh and subtle, it does not dominate a space but highlights it. Better yet, lotion, shower gel, and bath salts are also available. It is the ideal candle to burn while reading or meditating in the bathtub.

Ideal for laundry: Caldrea Juniper Laurel Mint Linen & Room Spray

This limited edition holiday spray from Caldrea is the product you never knew you needed. With hints of evergreen trees, pine and eucalyptus, it smells like a chic holiday market. While it instantly cools a room, this spray is also a great way to get rid of animal odors on fabrics (especially rug accidents). Spray it on flannel sheets while ironing to add freshly squeezed zest for life.

For modern spaces: Hotel Collection fragrance diffuser

The Hotel Collection black fragrance diffuser has a sleek, modern aesthetic. Designed for rooms up to 400 square feet, it can diffuse at an interval and intensity of the user’s choice. Easy to fill, it uses cool air diffusion technology which is safe for children, pets and artwork. It won’t leave a residue either. A nice variety of holiday and year round scents are available including Pinecones & Holly and Midnight In Paris.

For technology and candle lovers: Pura Smart Device and Homesick refills

There is so much to love about Pura. It’s a smart fragrance plug-in in every way. Controlled via a Bluetooth application, the diffusion of the perfume can be easily programmed. This saves money because the product is only dispensed when you want it to, at ten different resistance levels. There is also a seemingly endless variety of scents available from favorite brands including Homesick (don’t miss Ski Trip and Winter Mantle). It is therefore a great product for homes with children and pets where candles can be dangerous.

For farmhouse chic: the small burlap barn

Fans of farm chic will love The Little Burlap Barn. These mason jar candles feature the brand’s signature scent with notes of fresh apple and cinnamon as well as maple butter and bourbon. Perfectly Sweet Soy Wax has a hint of freshness for a cozy vibe, perfect for any home in any season.

For Flower Fanatics: Floral Street Midnight Tulip

This British candle company makes the finest floral scents. With candles and reed diffusers available, these vegan, cruelty-free products are made with sustainably sourced ingredients. You don’t know which perfume to buy? Opt for mini candles, also available in a discovery box. It’s also impossible to go wrong with Midnight Tulip, which has notes of amber, frankincense, patchouli, lemon, saffron, and powdery Damascus rose. The containers also add a splash of color to any room.

For the masculine style: Aerangis n ° 212

Aerangic candles are minimalist and elegant in design, but quite elaborate when it comes to fragrance notes. Inspired by New York City, this candle contains bergamot, fig, sandalwood, jasmine and lemon. The somewhat bold black packaging makes it the perfect candle to give to a bachelor or anyone with a modern home.

Double as massage oil: a gold thread, a golden candle

Keep a gold thread and a gold candle on a bedside table. Made from a blend of coconut, soy, and essential oils, fondant doubles as a moisturizing oil for massages. The decorative gold container, which was made in India, can be reused for potted plants or for drinking after being thoroughly cleaned. The wick is made from all-natural balsa wood.

For fickle ones: Snif candle set

You don’t know which candle to choose? Snif’s Candle Bundle Kit is a smart concept that solves this frustrating dilemma. It includes three full-size candles (Birds and the Breeze, Off The Grid, and Instant Karma Candles) and three samples that have up to 200 hours of combined burn time. If all three candles are kept, each full-size candle costs $ 40. It is impossible to make mistakes with Snif.