Photo: Celine

Processed by a region of the brain directly connected to areas related to emotions and memory, smells – more than anything – can trigger memories of times and feelings from the past. In other words, scents are powerful things. Coupled with the fact that many of us have been spending more time at home since the pandemic, this explains the slew of new mood candles by luxury brands, whose success is largely linked to their ability to capture the emotions of clients.

After launching Céline’s Haute Parfumerie fragrance collection in 2019, Creative Director Hedi Slimane followed up with a line of six fragrances, which recently launched here. Made using a process created by the brand’s in-house wax maker and presented in faceted black glass containers, each candle is inspired by moments and memories dear to Slimane.

One of the fragrances, L’Inventaire, features woody notes of oak, cedar and cistus, a combination that channels the spirit and scents of the designer’s Parisian home. As the press dramatically notes, these are elements such as “the Versailles parquet floor lit by parchment lampshades and gilded wood chandeliers” and “the streamlined wood of the Eyre chairs by Lanux”. Users can choose to make the experience even more sophisticated with accessories such as a candle snuffer and wick trimmer.

Here are other labels looking to infuse your space with their scents:

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