To the rich looking to burn their cash in early 2022, Denis “The Yacht Mogul” Suka has something for you. The Norwegian Instagram influencer enlists Abbasli Design to present the Mogul 777. This concept is a lavish showcase of wealth presented as a sleek superyacht. It displays everything you could want, but can be customized for discerning owners.

According to the guy behind the Mogul 777, its name comes from its overall length at 77.7 meters (255 feet). While almost every naval architect firm competes for the top spot when it comes to size, others prefer to opt for amenities. The latter is exactly where this ship stands out and it is simply spectacular.

Climb aboard and you’ll never want to walk on dry land for a while. There are plenty of things to do on her multiple decks. This steel monohull superyacht uses an aluminum superstructure for its lightweight yet durable characteristics. The silhouette is also sporty to match her maximum cruising speed of 17 knots.

The Mogul 777 will have premium accommodations that can accommodate up to 18 people. There is a master suite and nine cabins to keep everyone comfortably happy during the sea voyage. The owner’s deck features a helipad and a large forward swimming pool. Meanwhile, the back has a fire pit for chilly nights.

Another interesting installation on the Mogul 777 is the aquarium built into the floor of the main deck. Its glass bottom gives people a view of the pool below, along with a waterfall system to create a breathtaking illusion. Finally, the beach club has a hydraulic bathing platform and fold-out terraces.

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Image courtesy of Abbasli Design/Denis Suka