When shipyards make announcements, it is usually a new addition to their fleet. It is then generally up to the client to make bespoke changes to the layout and fittings as they see fit. Meanwhile, KRC Yachting is unveiling a trio of vessels as part of its KRCM 110 series. The superyachts look like fishing trawlers, but are packed with high-end amenities for the wealthy.

The company offers it in three versions. If you prefer a clean silhouette, opt for the inverted bow of the Rhino III. When you intend to outfit the foredeck with recreational facilities and more, a flared bow on the Exuma Explorer should help with buoyancy. Finally, the T-Rex gives your KRCM 110 a muscular profile with its plumb bow.

Note that despite the distinct contours that each style brings to the table, all share the same specs and capabilities. KRC Yachting equips the vessels with two 800 horsepower MAN engines. Cruising speeds can easily reach 14 knots, while the beach is somewhere along the 4,000 nautical mile line.

Marti Yat is behind the plans for the KRCM 110 range alongside the shipbuilder. They combine steel hulls with aluminum superstructures for gross tonnages of just under 300. Although customers are more than welcome to fully customize their superyachts, there is a standard layout for reference.

The generous interior volumes can hold up to eight cabins. The upper deck is perfect for a VIP cabin, while the main deck should suffice for a spacious owner’s suite. Go beam-wide if you’re not planning on hosting that many guests anyway. The space on the terrace can accommodate a bar, a lounge and a jacuzzi. Another impressive aspect of the KRCM 110 series is the five hydraulic extending balconies.

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Images courtesy of KRC Yachting