A new nonprofit has selected the family of Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Davis as the first beneficiaries of a week-long vacation in the Bahamas, in an effort to provide respite and healing.

At a Friday press conference at the Bartlesville Public Safety Complex, retired Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Dwight Durant announced that Kristin Davis — the widow of Kyle Davis — and her two children had been selected for the first trip organized by Ten Seven Retreat.

Durant said he and his wife Shelley Durant spoke with Kristin Davis on the phone while examining the family. After the call, they high fives, knowing they had the right person, he said.

“We chose you because we saw what character you (have) and we saw the support your community has for you. We thought “these people must be so wonderful to have so much support,” Dwight Durant said.

In the all-expenses-paid trip, the family will be flown to the Bahamas, where Dwight and Shelley Durant will sail them around the islands for five days. The group will snorkel, fish, hike, swim with the turtles and participate in other activities.

Kyle Davis died on March 25, 2021 from injuries sustained by an inmate who started a fight while he was booked at the Washington County Detention Center. Davis, a 13-year WCSO veteran, was a day supervisor at the prison and he previously worked as a dispatcher, field assistant and transportation assistant.

Dwight Durant said he and Shelley Durant came up with the idea for Ten Seven Retreats after their own trip to the Bahamas.

“We fell in love with it there and tried to think of a way to share the serenity of the islands off the coast with other people,” said Dwight Durant.

During his career at OHP, Dwight Durant gained experience helping the families of deceased law enforcement, according to the nonprofit’s website. The organization is named after the common law enforcement code for being off duty at the end of a shift.

The nonprofit organization and the Davis family’s trip are funded by donations.

“Shelley and I are not funding this, we are the ship that organized this retreat…Citizens from across the state of Oklahoma funded this. They’ve been incredibly supportive of what we do and they want us to know they love you,” Dwight Durant said.

“Their love for you hasn’t stopped, they want…to see this happen. We wish we could wrap our arms around every family, but we can only do one at a time.

In November, Athine Henderson was charged with first-degree manslaughter in the death of Kyle Davis, court records show.

In March 2021, Henderson was one of 13 people arrested in connection with an alleged meth smuggling operation in Bartlesville. He was charged with one count of intent to distribute a controlled hazardous substance and one count of unlawful use of a means of communication.

While being processed for the March 2021 arrest, Henderson was allowed a phone call and refused to return to his cell. This caused an altercation with Kyle Davis, aggravating a medical condition in the deputy.

Kyle Davis died shortly thereafter.

Henderson will return to court on July 8 for a jury probation role – a hearing to determine whether the manslaughter case is ready to go to trial.