Businessman Adrian Scoon has turned over all of his electronics to the Cyber ​​Crime Unit.

The devices, including an Apple laptop and mobile phone, were submitted by Scoon to police following a warrant executed at his home in Maraval last Wednesday, as part of the criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding a festive event aboard the MV Ocean Pelican on Boxing The day, hosted by Scoon last year, continues.

Yesterday evening, the police were still “sorting out some details” of the investigation.

As investigators were due again to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) yesterday for advice on laying possible charges, sources said they were trying to put together a “tight” case against Scoon and “have our house in order” before approaching the DPP again.

Meanwhile, sources told the Sunday Express that the investigation was split into two parts: the special restaurant alcohol license obtained from Customs and Excise by Scoon and possible violations of the Ordinance on public health.

The special license has since been revoked and made “null and void” by the Ag Comptroller of Customs and Excise, Bernard Nicholas, while an internal investigation has been launched within the Customs and Excise Division to determine who has. bypassed the permanent secretary and issued Scoon a special restaurant license.

In a press release on January 3, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said he had never authorized or authorized the approval of the license.

Health Minister Terrance Deyalsingh, to whom Scoon had written, directed all questions regarding the interpretation of the public health ordinance to the police department or the DPP.


In the police investigation carried out so far, various institutions have responded to requests for clarity and information on whether Scoon had received the necessary clearance to host the Boxing Day party which brought together more than 100 customers. The clerk who prepared the license was also questioned.

The Environmental Management Agency, the County Medical Office (St George West) Licensing Committee (Magistrates’ Court), City Hall, Fire Departments and City and Country have all said they had not authorized the organization of the event.

Other agencies, including the Department of Transport’s maritime section, said they were unaware that Scoon intended to convert his party ship into a floating restaurant. In fact, the special restaurant liquor license granted was intended to facilitate the service of liquor at the party.

Public health


On the morning of December 27, a day after his party was closed and the 100 clients were treated and then released pending investigation, Scoon emailed a letter dated December 26, 2021 to Deyalsingh, revealing that he (Scoon) wanted to “convert our ship into a floating restaurant and above all a safe area”.

The letter was sent to Deyalsingh’s personal email address only.

Section 4 (1) (C) of the Public Health Ordinance Regulations 2020 states:

(1) For the purposes of controlling and preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV), any person who: (b) operates a party boat, constitutes an offense, during the period specified in rule 17, excursion in boat or club; (c) organize public feasts or public feasts. Unless authorized by the Minister.

In a press release on January 2, Scoon admitted to calling Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi from the boat when police boarded it, following complaints from members of the public.

When asked if he had been contacted by Scoon on December 26 while in custody, Al-Rawi said: “I was not contacted by Mr. Scoon while he was in custody.”

The station newspaper

The Carenage Police Station newspaper alleges that Scoon called Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi while questioned about the party aboard the MV Ocean Pelican.

Excerpts from the diary reveal that on December 26, 2021, Scoon “made a phone call to his phone and invited Sergeant 14596 Adams to speak on the phone.”

After a short conversation, Scoon handed the phone to Sgt Adams, indicating that someone wanted to speak to him.

In the presence of Scoon and others, Sgt Adams “activated the speakerphone function on the aircraft”.

According to the newspaper, the male voice at the other end identified as “Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi … was he of the opinion that no offense had been committed”.

However, “Sergeant # 14596 Adams informed said person on the other line that according to the Covid-19 regulation, the Ocean Pelican is considered a party boat and should be granted an exemption from the Minister of Health . The conversation ended, ”the newspaper said.

According to the newspaper, when police asked Scoon to produce his Department of Health exemption allowing him to host a party aboard the MV Ocean Pelican, he told officers, “The honorable prosecutor told me that I didn’t need an exemption. General.”

Additionally, the Sunday Express confirmed that Al-Rawi telephoned Agricultural Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob and Deputy Police Commissioner Erla Christopher on December 26 as officers from the West Division ended the party and detained customers. .

Licensing process

Depending on the type of establishment, a series of documents must be submitted to the secretary of the alcohol licensing committee of the county court where the establishment is to be located.

The liquor license application forms are completed in triplicate, along with the following documents:

• Office of Inland Revenue (BIR) file number

• floor plan of the premises to be authorized

• valid police certificate of good character from the owner / applicant

• Town and country building approvals for premises to be used for the applied objective

• Report of the firefighters on the scene

• Health check-up on site.

Subject to the applicant’s success in this process, a customs and excise representative will visit the proposed premises to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements specified in the Excise Act. After completing the visit, the Excise Division will prepare a report for submission to the Licensing Committee.

-with report

by Rickie Ramdass