Throughout the pandemic, cannabis sales figures have broken records as crowds of people have turned to the plant – whether medically to help cope with anxiety and stress, or recreationally for the sheer pleasure of getting high.

And as the legalization of cannabis continues to spread across the country (only 11 states remains to be done), there is a continuous harvest of new devices offering alternative consumption or accessories to simplify your ritual.

The industry itself is betting big on the future of technology with companies like Flora Growth Corp. recently to acquire luxury accessories brand Vessel for $ 30 million; According to TechCrunch, Cannabis technology investments soar 82% in the second half of 2021.

From fancy new vaporizers to the AI-powered cone crusher and filler, here are eight high-tech cannabis gifts for the weed lover on your list this season.

Omura X Series

As a one-of-a-kind vaporizer, Omura’s new X-Series delivers a compact yet powerful punch with its ‘heat not burn’ technology housed in a sleek casing by award-winning industrial designer Michael Young. Its dual heat interior oven gently activates the entire flower with a patented heat curve, resulting in minimal steam and no lingering odor. Each device comes with empty Flowersticks (sustainably made with Rainforest Alliance Certified paper) to fill with your own cannabis, or you can purchase THC (available at licensed dispensaries in California and Massachusetts) or pre-packs. -filled with CBD (available in line). $ 99.99,

Indoor Plant Car Lighter

For the cannabis-obsessed actor turned legitimate ceramicist, Seth Rogen makes the coolest clothes I’ve ever seen. Under his House plant brand, which he co-founded with childhood friend and filmmaker Evan Goldberg, comes Household items – dedicated to their deep connection to ’70s and’ 80s aesthetics. Enter the ‘Car Lighter’ the website describes: ‘Sounds like something a wealthy banker would have had in 1988, but didn’t. because this object did not exist at the time. “Hand carved from a block of marble (each plug-fed part is unique), it” works just as you remember it “. $ 280,

‘Indiglow’ Puffco Peak Pro

For dabbing enthusiasts, there is no better e-rig than Puffco, the innovative maker of concentrate-specific vaporizers. Just in time for the holidays, its award-winning Puffco Peak Pro device was released in a limited edition “Indiglow” shade. Featuring a brooding purple and blue gradient that fades over the translucent silicone base and metal band, the dreamy color scheme continues upward into a geometry-inspired interior dome and exterior tapered glass. . Add on Hot knife tool ($ 60) for a cleaner session, which is part of the “Indiglow” line of additional accessories also available. $ 450,

Davinci Miqro

The latest in its popular line of IQ vaporizers, the Miqro is a miniature version (33% smaller than other devices) of Davinci’s smart flip-flop technology. With precise temperature control, a ceramic air path, and five colors to choose from, the Miqro is the perfect little choice for the cannabis user who’s always on the go. Plus, for an additional $ 10, you can personalize it with a custom engraving option. $ 99,

Banana Bros. OTTO

I’ll still stick to the old-fashioned joint-rolling ritual, but there is one cannabis gadget that’s used the most with us (and still works after five years with no issues). Designed for milling and filling with the push of a button, OTTO was engineered and engineered using AI technology. The geniuses behind its parent company Banana Bros. have created a crusher that intuitively adjusts pressure, speed and direction to automatically fill the cone of your choice (an OTTO “Cone Club” subscription is also available) fixed in the magnetic attachment below. The OG OTTO is black, but is also available in metallic gold, red, or blue ($ 199.99), which includes a free carrying case. $ 149.99,

Vessel Expedition Series Trail Edition

With five distinct vaporizer series in its extensive collection of avant-garde design accessories for dry herbs and concentrates, Vessel’s Last Drop is dedicated to the outdoor adventurer and is a must-have for any ski-friendly quiver. cannabis. The Expedition Series Trail Edition vape pen battery includes anodized aluminum, a knurled grip and two tips. Plus, it’s compatible with most 510 threaded oil cartridges you’ll find at legal state dispensaries. $ 79,

Storz & Bickel Powerful +

Known as the vaporizer pioneer since the launch of the Volcano over two decades ago, Storz & Bickel has just released another version of its compact companion product. Originally launched in 2014, the new Mighty + is still bulkier than other devices on the market, but produces the smoothest vapor that is “in a class of its own” with other features including a warm-up time. 60 seconds, ceramic coated filling chamber and boost function. $ 399,

Trident Hitoki

Two words: laser bong. Hitoki, which Joe and Jack Tran launched in 2019, recently released a second version of its battery-powered water pipe. They compare the inner workings (visible during use) of the Trident to how sunlight and a magnifying glass are used to burn plants with a beam of light. The brothers also promise that this burning process provides a healthier alternative to chemical lighters filled with butane which can damage your lungs and alter the true flavor of the flower. The upgraded Hitoki Trident features water filtration, multiple power settings, a widened air path, safety locks, and a carburetor knob. $ 499,