A play is famous for its unique and beloved ships. While for most fans the word “ship” may refer to speculated romantic relationships, the best ships in the series tend to be actual boats that float on water.

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“Boats” is a very loose term, as many of the ships that sail the four seas and the Grand Line have characteristics that make them appear to be something completely different. With the exception of Navy ships and ships belonging to the same pirate armada, no two ships are alike. These ships, by their appearance, their practical characteristics or simply their context, are the strangest of the entire series.

10/10 The Going Merry is basically alive

Despite an unremarkable appearance, the Going Merry is a strange ship. It lacks the unique design of some other more complicated ships, nor the physical abilities to survive explosive Straw Hat encounters. What sets it apart from other boats is the Klabutermann, a manifestation of the spirit of the Going Merry.

This spirit comes to the rescue of the Straw Hats on Skypeia and Enies Lobby, showing that the Going Merry is more than just a ship, but a full member of the crew. No other ship is as beloved in the series, but more so, no other ship is as capable of returning love to its own crew.

9/10 Thousand Sunny is Franky’s masterpiece

The successor to the Going Merry is almost as iconic as the original ship, although it has a lot more firepower. The Thousand Sunny is specifically cola-powered, as most of the ships functions and weapons are powered by Franky’s favorite drink. Franky should be commended for developing a clean, renewable power source for his masterpiece, but that’s a little odd.

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Without a doubt, the cola gave the Thousand Sunny an edge over their opponents. It is much more durable than its predecessor, as it is made from rare Adam’s wood, the strongest and most valuable wood in the world. Truly, there is no other boat quite like it, as the Straw Hats hope to take it to the end of the Grand Line.

8/10 Baratie is a strange concept

Go to any big city on the water in the real world, and chances are there are a few ships that double as restaurants. Serving food to hungry customers doesn’t make the Baratie unique, but its location in the middle of the ocean, away from any islands, sets it apart.

Baratie’s customers had to travel for several days to enjoy their delicious dishes, but somehow the restaurant is always packed. His secondary ships are designed both for combat and to supply him with food. Between a battle deck and multiple weapons, this is probably the only restaurant in the East Blue that doubles as a battleship.

7/10 The Polar Tang is a submarine

Submarines are quite rare on the Grand Line, which makes sense because a simple coating could effectively turn any ship into a submarine. Nonetheless, Trafalgar Law’s potentially Beatles-inspired yellow submarine, the Polar Tang, stands out from its counterparts.

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Being able to go underwater definitely gives the Polar Tang an edge over other ships. Law’s operating room is very advanced and makes it the only known pirate ship that could also be a proper hospital. Considering that pirates are generally known for their violence, a ship designed for healing defies usual expectations. It is also one of the few mostly metal pirate ships.

6/10 The Nostra Castello can drive on land

Legendary criminal Al Capone committed pirate-like crimes, but he committed them on land. With this in mind, it makes sense that Capone Bege, who is one of many A play characters inspired by a real criminal, would have the only ship capable of operating on earth.

The Nostra Castello has the distinction of being both a castle and a tank, as it is equipped with turrets, tracks and a frontal gun. More A play the ships have one theme, but it’s a rare case where there are two. The treads also double as paddles in the water, making this one of the most mobile ships in the series. The mixed design is both practical and exotic with the typical characteristics of a boat.

5/10 The Queen Mama Chanter is actually alive

Like everything associated with Big Mom, her ship, the Queen Mama Chanter, is imbued with a soul, making it sentient and alive. A soul-infused ship is one of the darker implications of A playand it contrasts well with the bright colors and ornate desserts on all surfaces.

The ship is a mixture of childhood dream and horror movie. Other ships may have Klabutermann, but no other ships capable of constantly displaying their emotions with a personality that can affect battles. With all the sweets and pastries on board, it’s a wonder Big Mom didn’t eat them.

4/10 Thriller Bark is ridiculously big

Thriller Bark is so big that most people who come across it think it’s an island. It was originally an island until it was converted into a pirate ship by the warlord Gecko Moria, and it is the largest ship in the entire world.

Thriller Bark is the only ship with a haunted forest and graveyards, and it wouldn’t be out of place in a Halloween-themed movie. Its enormous size is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, nothing less than an emergency call is going to sink an island, on the other hand, it’s quite visible and easy to infiltrate.

3/10 The sea train is an amazing piece of engineering

It might be a train, but since the Sea Train also floats and travels on water, it’s technically a ship. That it could even float in the first place is an engineering miracle devised by the great shipbuilder, Tom. It is vital to the survival of Water 7, as it is the only ship capable of weathering the annual Agua Laguna storm.

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Creating a train to ride through a sea storm is the kind of original thought the engineers, scientists, and shipbuilders of A play are known for. It’s a ridiculous idea that shouldn’t work under any circumstances, but it somehow does through ingenuity and craftsmanship.

2/10 Germa Kingdom is a floating nation

Like Thriller Bark, the Germa Kingdom appears to be an island at first glance, but in reality, it’s a single ship made up of giant snails that can split apart and form their own individual ships. It is certainly not a normal ship, because it is the only one in this maritime world which is a country in itself.

Germa’s kingdom structure is efficient, as it can both move the entire nation to a potential target of conquest, or flee and hide from a more powerful enemy. Simply being able to change the geographical location of the Kingdom gives the Vinsmoke family a tactical advantage as they seek to take over North Blue.

1/10 Blackbeard’s Raft is absurd in its simplicity

Blackbeard is one of the strongest pirates in A play, so fans would think he would have one of the most powerful ships. Instead, even when he was a warlord, he travels much of the Grand Line on a raft. Its legendary crew are much less intimidating when they literally row their boat towards their enemies.

It’s surprisingly durable, as it carries a literal giant, and it survives the harsh waters between Marine Ford and Impel Down. However, in a world where ships are alive, castles tanks and even trains, a future emperor’s ship was just a simple raft. This fact makes Black Beard’s “ship” the weirdest in the entire series.

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