Tecnomar is no stranger to keeping things fast and innovative, which has been clearly demonstrated by its envious portfolio of superyachts. Seeking to raise the bar yet again, the automotive-inspired EVO 130 Hard Top is every speed demon’s offshore dream.

Blending style and function as they always do so well, the stunningly designed EVO 130 is Tecnomar’s latest hand in taking luxury to new heights. Measuring 130ft and boasting a gargantuan forged aluminum composition, you won’t find many other seagoing vessel concepts as sporty as this one. Boasting a pair of V12 engines that combine for a whopping 1800hp, the almighty superyacht is practically a hypercar built to take on the big blue sea. Tecnomar also claims that the ship will be capable of reaching an estimated top speed of 19 knots and a range of around 2,000 nautical miles.

Although its performance capabilities are more than impressive, what makes the new concept so remarkable is its luxurious interior. Tecnomar’s EVO 130 is equipped with enough space to entertain a dozen sailors, offering them an equipped bar, sundeck and beach club, as well as a spacious lounge and dining area. Although there aren’t many visual specs of its impressive interior yet, we expect the designers to achieve their lofty goals.

If you’re interested in a closer look at how the EVO 130 should shape up, visit the Tecnomar website for more details.

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Photo: Tecnomar