Tips for cooking in a stainless steel utensil: Nowadays, people have gradually replaced aluminum utensils and replaced them with steel or iron utensils. People think that cooking or eating food in aluminum utensils causes many kinds of harm to health, but do you know that even in steel utensils, if you do not cook food properly or take these kinds of precautions, so there may be other kinds of harm to your health.

Yes, today we are talking to you about some precautions to take when cooking food in steel utensils so that you do not suffer any harm (Side effects of steel utensils). Let’s discover these precautions and tips for cooking in steel utensils.

Do not cook food over high heat

If you have noticed in a new steel container, when cooking food on high heat, food often burns. This is where you have to be careful. Yes, never cook food in a new steel container over high heat. In fact, stainless steel does not have any type of Teflon coating, which makes it resistant to sticking. Therefore, every time you cook food in a new steel container, especially on low or medium heat.

do not grill

Keep in mind that you should never grill in a thin steel pan. In fact, to grill, any container must be held over the flame for a long time, which damages the metal.

do not fry

If you’ve ever thought about frying anything in a steel pan, never do it. In fact, steel utensils have a smoke point. Every time you fry something in a steel container, it exceeds the smoke point. Due to which your steel vessel starts to look yellow or sticky. Whose stain can hardly come off or comes off with difficulty.

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