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Steamworks toronto review

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Steamworks toronto review

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And I do mean massive.

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Some of the larger rooms have more mirrors and, sometimes, their own slings.

They offer to keep all your valuables in a locker at the front counter without extra cost. The top part of the bunk bed gets most of the action.

Steamworks toronto employee reviews

Thanks guys jim. Some additional shower facilities are also buried in the middle of the cub, to the South of the DJ booth and are quite nice.

If you're a member, the front end staff will ask you if you want to put anything in a box to keep for safety. A man came and started jerking me off which was really hot, because I kept my eyes closed the whole time.

Working at steamworks toronto: employee reviews |

There's also a TV and a full length mirror where you can watch yourself with your lover. I am pretty Love in wing, but one of them started running his hand up my leg until he began rubbing my penis, getting it hard. I should tip them - there's a box on the cashier's desk beside the door before the exit. I was fully hard, and waited.

Anyone can technically have sex anywhere they want with the exception of the gym and the balcony. Can't wait to go again! The vast array and diversity of facilities is quite amazing.


As soon as I walked around the facilities, which are huge, I was hit on by a few men. He left, and I went to the jacuzzi, where I met two hot young men. Steamroom was nice too.

Every time I am in line waiting to check-in, I always hear him badmouth clients whom he just checked in, to another horonto desk staff. But then again I came with him to the area.

Steamworks - for men - toronto - reviews - ellgeebe

Add to this the speakers in the sauna pumping out the DJ tunes and any hope that you may have had to relax and chill is gone in an instant. The guy steamorks from him was smoking meth all night and was never disturbed. I took one of the boys otronto an open room where he fucked me. There's also a handsome tanned guy who helped me use my membership to get discounts on rooms.

It's a destination for local and visiting gay men during Pride Week and Halloween. Have been fucked 3 times and got out of there on shaking legs took me about an hour till I managed to drive:.

Lots of hot guys looking for action. I witnessed them keeping out a few drunks who would have brought the atmosphere down. In fact the only experience we got at TS was the faint smell of mould while getting scoped out by dudes looking to get it on.

Steamworks toronto

Stepped in poop and actually seen floating in the whirlpool, YUK!! Since neither of us had a room we resorted to the public areas. Revisw rooms are often bought by the older customers.

Hobbit Over a year ago Loves it Great Place! The sauna on the other hand is much better. Folks at Toronto Sauna got lost twice.

Review: toronto sauna – steamworks | toronto sauna

He should keep in mind that without us as clients, Steamworks would not survive. A DJ in the centre of the club keeps things rocking 4 nights a week, with music being blasted through speakers around the t.

torontp Went there today, it was my first time at this place 3-rd time in gay bath overall and I had a great time!!!! The employees at Steamworks are spotless, like this adorable boy from God Knows, Ontario who convinced me to get a membership and took his equally adorable girlfriend there.

There are two guys not at the same time who ask me before or after if I'm using protection and avoiding drugs, PSA style. The stalls have faucets but you have to buy a hose from one of the vending machines where you can also buy lube, Mount lemmon AZ and bottled drinks.