The following contains spoilers for Star Wars #23, on sale now.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Star Wars history is how Disney+ The Mandalorian began to fill the void after Return of the Jedi, introducing relics and reconnecting with characters like Ahsoka Tano. However, bounty hunting and earning credits from Din Djarin were central to the story, revealing insight into the New Republic, what happened after the rebels defeated the Imperial troops of the Emperor Palpatine and the lives of the remaining Stormtroopers after Darth Vader’s death. .

A massive addition was Moff Gideon (played by Giancarlo Esposito), who arrived to capture Grogu, wanting to experiment on “baby Yoda” and create a sinister new army to honor Palpatine’s vision. Interestingly, Marvel Star wars #23 just paid homage to Gideon’s most iconic moment via his wife Darth Vader, but with a much darker twist.

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The moment in question revolves around Gideon making his mark by shocking fans with the Darksaber season 1 reveal. At the end of that season, Din took out Gideon’s TIE fighter and escaped from Nevarro with Baby Yoda. However, when Gideon crashed, he stunned fans by pushing his way out of the wreckage and standing atop the ship brandishing the black weapon.

It was an intimidating moment of intent, foreshadowing how he would continue to chase the duo. This footage stood out because fans weren’t expecting the iconic weapon from Clone wars and rebels to make their live debut. Gideon’s chilling pose with the blade cemented how ruthless, secretive, and powerful he was.

In star wars #23 (by Charles Soule, Rachelle Rosenberg, Joe Caramagna, and Ramon Rosanas), Commander Zahra mimics the same menacing pose. His battleship, Tarkin’s Will, was shot down after killing thousands of rebels on Panisia, proving he was indeed Moff Tarkin’s successor. She was such a brilliant strategist that even Vader respected her, which is why Palpatine loved how Zahra doggedly pursued Leia for exploding the first Death Star.

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Poe Dameron’s parents sabotaged Zahra’s flagship, but she was able to escape in a capsule. The last page of the issue featured her standing on the ship with her red blade in a way reminiscent of Gideon. In this case, however, she is not silent or sulky, but begs Leia to fight.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for Leia to fall into the trap after so many Rebels died in this skirmish. Only time will tell if Leia takes the emotional bait after all the taunts, which could see her tapping into the Force in a similar way to her twin brother Luke in order to face his greatest test.

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