No season is able to evoke warm and fuzzy feelings in us as much as autumn.

If you’ve ever sat bundled up in a sweater by a fire, sipped apple cider while watching the leaves change, or cooked hearty meals with the family, you know fall has no shortage of things to love.

Located in the popular Sunset Terrace subdivision. Photos courtesy of Sammy Epperson, SJE Photography

Luckily for Tulsans, there are several companies that can help you recreate that cozy fall feeling anytime with their handmade products. These uplifting, warm aromas are so wonderful you might even want to burn them all year round.

Magnolia Soap & Bath Co.

For a wide variety of fall scents, look no further than Magnolia Soap & Bath Co., 1325 E. 15th St.

For their Fall 2022 collection, Magnolia candle makers curated a host of scents including Vanilla Sugar Cookie, Sweet Tater Pie, Pumpkin Latte, Caramel Apple, Apple Spice and their best-selling – called Fall Y’all – which can be compared to an odor called Leaves created by Bath & Body Works.

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Each of these candle flavors is available in a pumpkin or cross-shaped batter bowl, glass container, or any other container available at their make-and-go candle bar.

Plus, any candle scent in the store also has a matching soap to go with it.

“All of our stuff matches, so you can shop a full set of hand soaps, body soaps and candles in any of our fall scents,” said Scottie Lawrence, owner of Magnolia Soap & Bath. Co.

For Lawrence, Magnolia’s fall candles and soap scents represent everything she loves about the fall season.

“I love anything fall and I love food scents, so this collection marries that perfectly,” Lawrence said. “It’s just like a change and a rejuvenation, since the whole year starts all over again for me in the fall. These scents just make me happy and they warm my house.

Magnolia pours all of its in-store candles. There’s nothing quite like the experience of buying candles locally and supporting a local business, Lawrence said.

“Handcrafted items are very important,” Lawrence said. “You can create a candle in our store or buy one of our pre-made candles and get something for yourself, or create a gift for others. ‘other stores, is so important this holiday season.

All fall fragrances are available for purchase in store at Magnolia Soap & Bath Co. now. Some flavors, such as Vanilla Sugar Cookie, will carry over to the Christmas season.

Candle Tulsa Co.

Erin Patterson, owner of Tulsa Candle Co., has created seven distinct scents for her fall collection that are available for purchase through the end of the year.

“Whenever I create the collections, I always try to create several different types of scents – something spicy, something sweet, something woodsy and something fresh,” Patterson said.

This year, Patterson’s collection features a variety of flavors like Banana Nut Bread, Caramel Pecan Latte, Cinnamon Chai, Log Cabin – “Imagine being in a forest in a log cabin with a roaring fire,” said Patterson – Spiced Autumn Apple, Pumpkin Rum Cake and Hot Plum and Patchouli.

Patterson said her Log Cabin and Cinnamon Chai scents are customer favorites. The process of creating its candle scents is reminiscent of baking, with lots of trial and error and experimentation to create the right formula. As a one-man business, Patterson said it creates all the candles itself in-house.

The mission Patterson had in mind when creating her fall candle collection is to help her customers feel a sense of happiness and sentimentality, she said.

“One thing I always think about when creating my candle scents is, ‘Will it bring you happy memories or help you create new ones?’ Patterson said. “Fall, to me, is so nostalgic — you get heavy maple or caramel notes that you don’t get at any other time of the year. fall and the things that come with it, like happy times of gathering with friends and family and being outdoors.

Consumers should buy candles locally not just because their purchase will support a local business, but because they have the opportunity to know exactly what goes into each product, Patterson said.

“When you shop for local and handmade things, you have someone in your community who is a master craftsman who can tell you how it’s made, who made it, and what’s in it. in it,” Patterson said. “There is a lot of attention given to locally made crafts and products, and a lot of love put into it.”

Patterson candles can be purchased online at It offers free shipping to customers in the Tulsa area. His candles are also available at Ziegler Art Supplies, 6 N. Lewis Ave., and Midtown Hardware Tulsa, 4311 E. 31st St.

Other local favorites

grumpy garden, 1140 E. 15th St., offers a plethora of fall-friendly products for everyone to enjoy, including those who produce the scents of fall. Browse their wide selection of fireplaces in all shapes and sizes, piñon wood, incense and ceramic pumpkins perfect for decorating your exterior or interior.

The Cherry Street Nest, 1350 E. 15th St., offers a variety of pleasing candle scents that can also be enjoyed year-round. Shop in-store or online for candle scents like Driftwood (warm, peppery tobacco), Forest Pine (pine needles and eucalyptus), Oak Moss (white amber and moss), Balsam Fir (balsam fir and rosemary notes), and many others. Because their candles come in a variety of sizes, they are ideal for gifts or personal enjoyment.

Beaujo Candle Co. offers various fall candles this season, including Cranberry Woods (cranberry, gooseberry, pine), Witchy Woman (clove, ginger, anise, black pepper, cedar, spice and sandalwood) and Pumpkin Rum Cake (cinnamon, pumpkin, walnut nutmeg, clove, rum and tonka bean). Candles are available at Bella Vita Spa and Salon, 10424 S. 82nd East Ave., and Midtown Hardware Tulsa. The products will also be available at Eastwood Baptist Church, 948 S. 91st East Ave., on November 19, and at 181 Ranch, 3913 E. 181st St., on December 2, 3 and 4.