Most boats are designed to keep the water out and their occupants dry, however, the Spacruzzi does not follow the same rules as other boats. In fact, the Spacruzzi is a floating hot tub that doubles as a modestly sized day boat, allowing you to enjoy a lazy afternoon in spa-temperature water while soaking up the natural landscape unfolding around you.

Spacruzzi is an American company founded by entrepreneur Alex Kanwetz, who wanted to create a ship that could offer an unparalleled experience on the water, offering its customers the best in luxurious comfort without taking them away from the great outdoors. His solution was the fiberglass teardrop container that doubles as a hot tub after you fill it with water, with a built-in gas fireplace to keep the water toasty warm around you.

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The Spacruzzi is powered by an electric motor that draws juice from a fast-charging battery, which is easy to swap out if you need it, but unlikely given you’ll get between four and five hours of battery life. from a single battery. . With room for six passengers, the Spacruzzi weighs around 550kg dry, a figure that climbs to over 1,800kg when filled with water.

As well as the propane wood fire with its own little chimney, the Spacruzzi also has a cooler compartment to ensure you have ice cold drinks all day long, as well as the option to include a floating table to hold your charcuterie . plank. You will also have the option of customizing your own Spacruzzi when ordering, with a range of different options for the deck which includes synthetic teak or rubberized material, as well as your choice of several caulking colours.

After receiving full US Coast Guard certification and clearance to operate in some of the most regulated lakes in the United States, the Spacruzzi is currently available for order. Spacruzzi starts at US$48,900 (AU$73,905), but can climb higher depending on your customization selections.

Spacruzzi Is The Intriguing Love Child Of An Electric Dayboat & A Floating Spa