Most of us don’t keep much next to our beds – maybe a charging cable for your phone, the phone itself, a glass of water or a book (if you’re feeling exhausted from the screens). But body care brand Soft Services wants to take up space on your bedside table. Theraplush, a refillable nighttime hand cream packaged in a reusable ribbed container, positions itself as the last thing you do before bed, even after brushing your teeth.

The oil-based cream is formulated with 0.05% retinol and 1% colloidal oatmeal, ingredients that help create a more even skin tone and repair dry and cracked areas respectively. The added retinol is also why you should use it at night, not in the morning.

Retinol can make your skin sensitive to light, allowing UV rays to penetrate deeper. While the Skin Cancer Foundation says most products with added retinol should advise consumers to use them only at night — Soft Services does this explicitly — there is an increased risk with any use.

When empty, you just need to order a refill. The ship stays with you.


What is retinol? : Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that boosts collagen production in your skin, reduces the appearance of pores, prevents breakouts, improves circulation and nutrient delivery (resulting in healthier, stronger cells and brighter).

“Retinol stimulates cell turnover to produce new skin cells; the new skin that develops is more delicate and thinner and therefore should not be exposed to direct sunlight,” reads the foundation’s resource guide on sun sensitivity.

The brand is clear about Theraplush’s role in your nighttime routine. With its no-mess airless pump applicator, you can really reach out and get just the right amount without worrying about spilling the product on your bed or the floor next to it. The one thing I would be aware of, however, is that the product kind of coats your hands in a wax-like layer.

While it’s really only meant for the back of your hand and fingers, when you apply it, you naturally get some on the underside too, especially when trying to work it into your cuticles. The filmy feel doesn’t stop you from doing things, but it can make your phone case or water glass a little greasy. The same can be said for the area where you press to get your dose out – with repeated use, some of the smudged formula stays there, creating a dried, blackened mess. It is, however, easy to clean or hide with the included lid.

These first-world flaws, however, make it worth it for the results. This highly effective formula reduced my redness, helped fade some blemishes, and smoothed dry patches near my knuckles and between my fingers. (Changes in the weather, especially cold fronts, impact everyone’s skin differently.) I also found it easy to remember, because even though I doze off on the couch most nights, I wake up and I end up tripping in my bed. And applying some of that hand cream is an easy step to add to my bedtime routine, which previously consisted of brushing my teeth, taking off my glasses, and plugging in my phone.