A 12ft aluminum boat found in the Gorge Waterway on February 12. (Courtesy of Saanich Police Department)

Saanich Police Search for Owner of Boat Found in Gorge Waterway

The aluminum boat was found tied to a private dock

The Saanich Police Department is looking for the owner of a boat found in the Gorge Waterway.

The 12ft aluminum boat, which has no registration number, was found tied to a resident’s dock on the morning of February 12. Saanich police arrived this afternoon to take the vessel, which will be held for 90 days, Const. Markus Anastasiades.

He asked anyone with information about the boat — from its owner to its purpose in the Gorge Waterway — to call the Saanich Police Department at 1-250-475-4331.

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