Chapter 1 “A friendly place” in Back to Monkey Island puts Guybrush Threepwood back in the player’s hands as he begins to tell his son a story about when he learned Monkey Island’s secret. It starts with tasking you with building a crew for a new expedition to the island, but, as you’ll find out, things aren’t as simple as just talking to people and doing it.

Back to Monkey Island is a throwback to classic Lucasarts adventure games, so its puzzles can be a bit obtuse and tricky, especially on hard mode. Things certainly increase in difficulty as the game progresses, but the puzzles aren’t a total ride at first either. If you’re struggling, use the guide below to get through some of the game’s more obtuse moments.

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Talk to pirate bosses to get money

After talking with the man by the fire and exhausting all conversation topics, head to the lower right corner of the screen, then load into the next area. Here, walk past the docks and enter the building just past them. Inside, grab the quiz book on a table with a group of pirates then walk as far right as possible and chat with the pirate leaders.

No matter what you say, the pirate leaders won’t help you, so Guybrush swears to get a ship, even if it means using questionable methods, as he exits the building.

REMARK: The trivia book you picked up inside isn’t something necessary for solving puzzles, but you can find plenty of questions about the world the game is set in inside that are fun to research and respond as you go.

Obtain or find a ship

Once you leave the building, head left and walk towards LeChuck’s ship.

After you get close enough to see that LeChuck has named his ship LeShip (very quirky), you’ll see a job board. Interact with it and you’ll start talking with the nearby ghostly woman. She will offer you a job on the boat as a swabbie. Accept the job and she’ll tell you that you need to bring your own mop. When she asks your name, give whatever answer you want. Even if you lie, she will see through you and reveal that you have been blacklisted by LeChuck.

The steward won’t let you in, so you just have to find a way to join LeChuck’s crew without being recognized.

Join the LeChuck Team

The two sub-tasks in the task list can be done in any order and completed simultaneously, but for the sake of clarity, use the sections below to see which steps need to be followed for each task. However, to continue the story, you will need to complete both tasks.

Solve the problem: the steward recognizes me and won’t hire me

The puzzle solution is coming soon!

Get a mop

Return to the Dockside Bar where you spoke with the new Pirate Leaders. Walk all the way to the right, past the chefs table and into the kitchen. Inside you will meet the cook. In the left corner of the room, a mop is leaning against the wall. Try to borrow it and the cook will stop you, explaining that mops are incredibly personal and you can’t just use someone else’s mop. He will explain to you that you have to build your own mop if you want to get one. As soon as he’s finished talking, exit through the right door and head to the small dock outside the kitchen. Pick up the string that is on the ground. It won’t be useful yet, but you’ll need it for later.


Exit the bar and walk down Low Street heading to the right. If this is your first time here, you will find Elaine. When you are on Low Street, enter Wally’s Maps-n-More, the shop on the far left.

Inside, you will find Wally. He’ll tell you he has no grudge against Guybrush, and after a brief scene where the two catch up, you can ask him if he has a card from the mop-handle tree. He will tell you that he can make a map of the tree if you can get him a piece of wood from a mop. Before leaving, collect the monocle from the box on the table if you haven’t already done so for the disguise quest.

You know where to find a mop, but pulling out a piece to bring it to Wally will take something sharp. Leave Wally’s shop and enter the International House of Mojo (the voodoo shop) across the street. If it’s your first time inside, you’ll speak with the store owner and she’ll give you the clue book before you can explore inside the store.

After the woman gives you the clue book, select the knife at the bottom of the screen and ask about it. After that, you can take it for yourself by saying “I really want it”.

Now that you have the knife, return to the bar kitchen near LeChuck’s ship and head into the kitchen. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pick up the ribbon just yet because every time you interact with the mop, the cook will tell you to stay away. Instead, talk to him and he’ll tell you about a new customer, Marlon Marlin, who’s sitting at a table in the main bar.

Marlon wants a mystery dish he had last week, which would be enough to distract the cook by getting you to cut a piece of the mop. The problem is that the cook does not know what it is or how to prepare it. He will reveal to you, however, that if he had the recipe, he would get started right away. He mentions that Marlon had the dish at the Governor’s Mansion across town. Finish talking with the cook and then exit the bar.

Head to the Governor’s Mansion down Low Street, through the archway between Wally’s Shop and the Voodoo Shop, then through High Street on the left side of the screen.

When you enter the mansion, you will be greeted by a sword fight with Carla. After going back and forth for a few shots, you can find out about the recipe. Unfortunately, she’ll tell you she doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

After the fight, head to the library directly above you. Examine Barbie LeFlay’s “Ingredients” cookbook and ask to borrow it. Carla will tell you that she won’t let you borrow the book since Guybrush forgot to bring her his latest book. You will have to find a way to catch up.

Exit the mansion and head to the International House of Mojo on Low Street. Inside the store, you’ll see a dead frog on the table next to where you got your knife. Ask around and the shopkeeper will tell you it’s a forgiveness frog. Say “I think I’ll buy this” and you’ll put it in your inventory.

If you go back to Carla with the frog now, she won’t accept it since you haven’t written anything on it, so you’ll have to spice it up a bit. In your inventory, one of the items you started the game with is Guybrush’s state-of-the-art pen. Combine the two and you’ll start writing apologies. You’ll have several options on what to write, but the specific details of what you need to write for the apology to be accepted change with each read. To know what to write, first go back to Carla’s statue on Low Street.

Carla’s statue is located on the side of the voodoo shop. Examine the plaque on the statue and it will tell you some of the details you need to know for the Forgiveness Frog. Once you memorize the location of his big deeds, head to the area outside of the Scumm Bar. To her left is a re-election poster for Carla. On it, you will learn another detail about her that you will need for the frog.

With all this information, write the following:

-Dear Carla,

-Sorry I lost the book I borrowed.

-Choose the option that reflects what was on the re-election poster.

-Choose the option that reflects what the plaque says.

-I promise to do better in the future.

Once you’ve written everything down, give the frog to Carla, then take the recipe book.

With the book in hand, return to the kitchen at the back of the bar and give it to the cook. While he’s distracted preparing the recipe, use your knife on the mop to get a piece of wood.

Go back to Wally’s Map Shop and give him the Wood Shard. He will give you the card which will then be in your inventory. Open it up and take a good look. The starting point of the treasure map is a house next to a bridge. Head to the mansion, then head down the side path that leads inside the island. From there, go into the forest.

As soon as you load into the area, you’ll be next to a sign. If you read it, it will say that you must use a map if you are going to enter the dark part of the forest. Exploring slightly to the right, you’ll notice you’re next to the bridge and the house on your map. Turns out the map you just got from Wally is the one you need to get through the deep dark forest. Enter it.

Similar to the apology letter, the path from here varies from game to game. The idea is that you’ll need to open the map on each screen to figure out which path to take based on which plant is near the path shown on your map. For example, on my map (seen above) I should take the path near the carnivorous plant in the first area since it is written on my map and so on. Your card will be different, but the principle remains the same. Use the map to get to the tree.

Once you’ve made it through the forest, use your knife on the tree and you’ll cut yourself a mop handle.

Now that you have a handle, you will need the actual mop part of the mop. Fortunately, the cook said just about anything would do on that front. Do you remember the string you picked up when you first met the cook? Combine it with the mop handle and your mop will be ready.

Find the secret of Monkey Island and relive the glory days!

Information to come soon!