Red Deer Polytechnic apprentice welder Dayton Playford is ready to show off his skills on the world stage at the WorldSkills competition in Cleveland, Ohio.

In May, Playford qualified for WorldSkills after impressively winning gold medals in welding at Skills Canada Alberta and Skills Canada national competitions. Besides its motivation to perform well among 30 welding competitors from around the world, Playford also sees the event as a learning opportunity.

“There will be very strong competition at WorldSkills,” Playford says of the event, which runs from October 17-20. “It will be interesting to see how other countries approach their work and how they achieve their welding goals. I look forward to meeting the competitors and doing my best.

Red Deer Polytechnic’s skilled trades program has built a positive reputation far beyond central Alberta. Apprentices from École Polytechnique have achieved excellent results at national Skills Canada Alberta and Skills Canada competitions.

“Since 2015, Red Deer Polytechnic apprentices have won four national gold medals, six provincial gold medals, one provincial bronze medal, and now Dayton has the opportunity to represent Team Canada in welding at WorldSkills 2022. The success of Polytechnic apprentices reflects the entire welding department. , School of Education and Trades, and Red Deer Polytechnic,” Lee Yasinski, RDP Welding Instructor and Skills Coach.

Playford appreciates how polytechnic has helped him advance his skills and prepare for WorldSkills.

“RDP offers exceptional skilled trades programs with high quality people who want the best for students. The whole institution supported me,” he says. “Lee has been great. He trained me over the past few years and helped me get into WorldSkills.

With Yasinski’s guidance, Playford diligently practiced specific timed tasks in preparation for global competition.

“Dayton’s training included passing X-ray welds on plates and pipes, interpreting blueprints, fabricating pressure vessels that were hydraulically tested to 1,000 PSI, and fabricating aluminum structures and stainless steel,” says Yasinski. “His training also included developing skills to find the optimal fit for his power source.”

Playford has extensive knowledge and understanding of the various wavelength characteristics of its welding power source. These skills have allowed him to find the optimal setting to execute welds that display excellence in gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), arc welding (FCAW) and shielded arc welding (SMAW) on various structural shapes and materials.

“WorldSkills is the Olympic competition for skilled trades,” says Yasinski. “Dayton’s success and ability to qualify globally reflects its commitment to education, along with family support, local industry support, employer flexibility, support from Red Deer Polytechnic and a meaningful training.”

Playford is grateful for the support of many organizations that have enabled him to compete at WorldSkills. After several months of specific training for WorldSkills, Playford and Yasinski are eagerly awaiting the experience.

“Dayton and I are thrilled to fly from Calgary to Cleveland on October 13 in the hunt for gold,” added Yasinski. “Representing Red Deer Polytechnic, Central Alberta and Canada is an honor.”