Radix Engineering will present a case study on a digital growth master plan it developed for the Port of Açu (PdA) at the 3rd Annual Port of the Future Conference, April 5-7, 2022 in Houston, TX . Radix is ​​a gold sponsor of the conference, which is hosted by the University of Houston College of Technology, Port of the Future and Energy Conference Network. Presenters will be Flávio Niemeyer Guimarães, CEO of Radix US; Doug Sinclair, Director of Business Development for Radix; José Firmo, CEO of the Port of Açu (virtually participating); and Margaret Kidd, Program Director, Supply Chain and Logistics Technology, University of Houston College of Technology. A video overview of the presentation can be found here: https://youtu.be/rxth7AxC7gw

Developed by Prumo Logística, owned by EIG Global Energy Partners, the Port of Açu is the only 100% private port industry in Brazil and is already connected to the global companies of the future. Today it is the second largest port in Brazil when compared to public ports, with remarkable growth in just 8 years of operation. Açu is at the forefront of advanced shipping, being the first port in Brazil to establish a Navy-approved VTS (Vessel Traffic Service Center). To go further, it installed the PMIS (Port Management Information System), a digital solution capable of providing nautical data and services in real time, generating greater efficiency for customers, and created the CORE (Center for Operations and Emergency Response) to act in an integrated and more agile way in the management of the entire 130km² area of ​​the complex, including the use of drones.

To support the port’s exponential growth with efficiency, transparency, predictability, safety and environmental protection, Açu Port will accelerate its digital and innovation journey by becoming a smart port. The digital master plan will include the proposal to digitize the different stages of the logistics process and attract new businesses to the productive port.

The master plan was developed by Radix in collaboration with HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Program – University of Houston and UTC Overseas, Inc. The goal was to develop a 5 to 10 vision years for the Port’s technology platform and its ecosystem, focused on optimizing operations, attracting new technologically aligned companies and implementing a technology governance plan and systems architecture.

Comment from Margaret Kidd, Program Director, Supply Chain and Logistics Technology, University of Houston: “”Beyond digitization, the “port of the future” plans the needs of new industrial clusters, looks to collaborative partnerships to drive innovation and growth, applies the “triple bottom line” value proposition, includes the importance of closing the skills gap not only to prepare the ‘workforce of the future’, but more importantly to attract knowledge-intensive industries, such as high tech,” said Margaret Kidd.

Commented José Firmo, President of the Port of Açu: “Açu is a reference for port innovation in Brazil, investing in technologies and acting as a platform for the sector. The major ports of the world, like our partner the port of Antwerp, use different and excellent port and maritime traffic management tools and Açu uses the same technology, integrated in the same environment. There is a global demand for greater integration of port and navigation systems. This plan places the port of Açu on the same level as the main ports of the world. With this master plan, we will take advantage of the digital integration of the port and add value to logistics and port solutions, generating even more efficiency and competitiveness for our customers and partners.

Flávio Niemeyer Guimarães, US CEO of Radix, commented: “Radix brings extensive industry experience to the infrastructure and logistics sectors. Most importantly, we work hand in hand with our clients throughout the life cycle of their projects, taking their challenges as our own.
Source: Radix Engineering and Software