A Port Sulfur woman pleaded guilty to stealing oysters in the 25th Judicial District of Plaquemines Parish on August 23.

The Honorable Judge Michael Clement accepted Lien Troung’s guilty plea to illegally harvesting oysters from a private lease and ordered her to pay a fine of $900 plus court costs. Troung was also placed on a year’s probation which prohibits her from being on board any vessel harvesting, possessing, possessing take-out gear or processing oysters for a period of one year, unless the vessel on which she happens to be equipped with a vessel monitoring device that is monitored by the Law Enforcement Division of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

The guilty plea stems from an incident in March 2022 when LDWF officers were patrolling the Grand Bayou area of ​​Port Sulfur responding to complaints of theft from local tenants. Officers observed Troung and two occupants of an aluminum flat boat harvesting oysters by hand.

Officers contacted Troung and the occupants for a license and health inspection of the vessel from the Health Department. Officers determined that Troung and the occupiers were harvesting oysters from a private lease without written permission from the lease holder to harvest the oysters.

The other two occupants, Vivilio Velasquez and Carlos Vasquz, were both ordered by the court to fail to appear and answer the charges.

Assistant District Attorney Jerry Lobrano prosecuted the case for the state. The officers involved in the case were Lt. Adam Young, Sgt. Jason Gernados and Corporal Thomas Forehand.