by Kapil Kajal

AWEIL displayed 155mm/52 caliber Dhanush towed howitzers (pictured) at Defexpo 2022 held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. (Janes/Kapil Kajal)

The Indian company Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited (AWEIL) has modernized Dhanush towed howitzers.

AWEIL displayed 155mm/52 caliber Dhanush towed howitzers at Defense Expo 2022 to be held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat from October 18-22.

Rajeev Sharma, Managing Director of AWEIL, said
that the 155 mm/52 caliber Dhanush towed howitzers have a firing range of 42 km, compared to 38 km for the 155 mm/45 caliber Dhanush towed howitzers.

“The Indian Army is looking to procure small arms so that they can be deployed in any terrain. Considering this, the upgraded Dhanush weighs less than 14 tons, which is the lightest of the systems of weapons of the 155 mm category,” added Rajeev.

The upgraded Dhanush model passed the tests successfully, Rajeev said.

According to the company, the Dhanush 155 mm / 52 caliber towed howitzer is an all-terrain weapon system with improved maneuverability.

The howitzer is modified with a double deflector muzzle brake for greater efficiency and a retractable barrel for better maneuverability in turns.

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