Paradise Dock & Lift Inc. is delighted to announce the launch of its latest product, the hydraulic boat lift. With capacities from 2,000 to 20,000 pounds, the lift is designed for owners who demand the highest quality and toughest features from a boat lift.

Boat lifts are a versatile and environmentally friendly way to keep a boat protected and secure out of the water, yet available for practical use in seconds. The lifts are constructed of heavy duty marine grade aluminum with a 4′, 5′ or 6′ lifting range and feature remote control operation. The elevators work with an independent solar power supply; stainless steel hydraulic cylinders with bronze scrapers to remove marine growth; biodegradable and environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid, and rubber-covered aluminum bunks to carefully support the boat.

Boat lifts are a popular choice for discerning owners who want to protect their investment and extend the life of their boats. Most boat lifts spend the majority of their time in the raised position, exposing the hydraulic cylinder rod to corrosion and pitting. Over time, this can lead to lift failure, leaving the boat vulnerable to damage.

Innovatively, Paradise Dock & Lift Inc.’s patent pending design allows the jack to be retracted in the raised position, preventing marine growth on the jack rod. This revolutionary design greatly reduces the risk of premature damage to the cylinder rod and seals. Paradise Dock & Lift Inc. competitors typically rely on a bottom system of thin rubber boots for protection, as their jacks are fully extended in the raised position. The Paradise system is therefore more reliable and requires less maintenance – two crucial considerations for individual owners, busy marinas and yacht clubs.

The H-frame design is ideal for extremely shallow water applications. The positioning of the cylinder allows the frame to be blown into the substrate without impeding the movement of the cylinder. Adjustable H-frames allow for easy width adjustment to fit boat hulls of different sizes. The boat lift’s sleek design complements any vessel, making it the perfect choice for discerning boaters who demand the very best in quality and performance.

The Parabunk is the most durable and strongest bunk bed in the industry; its wide footprint distributes the load over a larger area. The sleeper profile fits over the hydraulic ram in the down position, providing additional protection from floating debris and other potential hazards. The sturdy guide post design eliminates ‘rolling’ and the need for frequent realignment, while the guide post cushion provides an extra layer of protection.

“We wanted to design and manufacture a stronger, more reliable boat lift using higher quality materials and components to minimize repairs,” said Yanek Buksowicz, owner of Paradise Dock. “This mindset, attention to detail and focus on quality sets us apart from our competitors and gives our customers peace of mind while allowing our Canadian and international dealers to focus on growing their business. rather than performing unnecessary service work. We have been in business since 2009 and are rapidly developing and designing new products to better serve boating enthusiasts in Canada and the United States.

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Paradise Dock & Lift Inc. manufactures the highest quality modular docking systems and hydraulic boat lifts in the industry. Our combination of premium materials, quality construction techniques and attention to detail ensures our customers receive only the very best.