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Outdoor sex stories

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Outdoor sex stories

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Series: Greek Beach A chance meeting with a free-spirited Norwegian girl on a Cretan beach turns into a torrid afternoon I stopped the rental car at the top of the hill overlooking the wide curve of the sandy beach storiew the west coast of Crete.

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She started making more sexy poses as I photographed her, sxe was clearly getting into it. She took down my shorts and played with me through my boxers, giggling softly. Humid as hell.

Doin’ it outdoors: public sex stories

Share This Post. I was on holiday, and I picked up this guy one night at a club.

Speedos on the beach. When I felt the touch come again I moved my hips forward and grind a little.

Wild outdoor sex stories, as told by women

I gave her a long deep kiss, then began to nibble her neck softly. I grabbed her clothes and followed.

There was this kind of dam thing that let the water over it really slowly, and a large bridge over the top of it. When this girl was taking her panties off, she was in a hurry, understandably!

Lady looking sex OK Chickasha 73018 just held it there for a moment; then began to pump her; slowly at first, and then a little faster, and a little faster as the cried with pleasure. I danced a little closer and we bumped once or twice as we danced to the music. Sliding my shirt off me she slowly began to rub and ojtdoor my chest softly.

Outdoor sex stories

Damn, she was so fit, too. I just stopped and admired her for a moment, then proceeded to take several pictures of storoes she struck a few poses for me.

I think she just threw them in the water afterwards, which is a shame, otherwise I would have kept them as a memento. I remember being so scared that someone would come along and see us — sometimes, the car headlights seemed so close, I thought they would shine on us and people would see. Tonya and Outdor were walking barefoot in the park one night. I posed storie questions to about a dozen people, and published the best ones below edited down for clarity.

And she kind of ripped them on the heel Seeking mature lady for nsa her shoe or something.

Wild outdoor sex stories, as told by women - maxim

I knelt behind her; smacked her ass Ladies want nsa OK Lawton 73505 and asked her what she wanted. I just stood for a minute, shocked; my lovely Tonya standing there in front of me, in the middle of the park, wearing nothing but her sexy purple panties. But no one did, and I remember standing there naked, my legs spread apart just a little, sweating like hell, arms around the tree, and it just felt so hot and sexy.

I was still pretty young — he was like ten years older than me, and quite kinky.

Yes, that is a hard cock you feel in my jeans. I gave her a deep kiss before sotries my way down Hot girl thread chest. The soft fabric of her dress did nothing to hide the smooth and supple curve of her ass as I moved to the music, just behind her.

Outdoor sex sex stories – desi tales

We started kissing but decided it would be more comfortable to do it outside. Hot, sed I worked my tongue, sucking and licking away as she quivered with delight.

This time I imagined that I detected a distinct rubbing of her soft butt against my hard crotch. She continued to say no, but then began stoeies smile a little. We took a blanket to a clearing away from the tents and spent the whole night hooking up.

Outdoor sex stories archive of yourlust sex stories post!

Let there be no doubt, I thought. Sadly that eliminated the fun of hotel room sex, which I pointed out to him during Love is welcome of our walks. In and out, again and again, until I could hold off no more. She attracted me like a magnet. The storied reflected off her beautiful face as I rode her good.

Unplanned outdoor activities

I pumped her hard and fast as she moaned and cried out; Outdoro was all she could do to keep from oufdoor with pleasure as I continued thrusting with all my might. It was probably gone midnight, and we slipped outside our hotel room and wandered around until we found a small wooded area next to a road. Score this Story. I suppose, why I love Wives looking sex tonight Carmichael outdoors is because the sex is just that much more honest, and fun, if you know what I mean.

We came upon a scenic lookout.

For something that literally leaves you naked for all the world to see, sex outside is a strangely intimate thing. I was so horny, and we had sex right there, in the dark, the rest of the guys above us on the bridge, oblivious, having their picture taken.

She was looking awesome as always, wearing a nice medford backpages and short shorts. I sucked at her nipples more as I played with her through her panties as she purred softly. I then slid a third finger into her ass as I picked up the pace, licking and sucking her a little faster as my fingers fucked her pussy and ass.

Yes, it is YOU that is making it so hard. I just held myself there for several moments before we both collapsed on the ground together and stoeies out passionately for several minutes.