Northern Offshore Services (NOS) has acquired two Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) from Sure Wind Marine Limited.

The CTV SURE Diamond and SURE Dynamic are renamed M / V Master and M / V Mariner and will be part of the M-Class series, which now has four vessels.

Source: Northern Offshore Services

According to NOS, the vessels will continue their current operations at offshore wind farms in Germany.

“We are grateful to further expand this series of vessels with two more vessels. We believe this will truly strengthen our marketing position, and it will allow NOS to continue to provide our customers with the best possible service ”, noted David Kristensson.

“We have seen excellent results with our first two CLASS M vessels and now we are happy to welcome Master and Mariner to our fleet.”

In April, NOS revealed that it had acquired two CTVs from Rix Shipping, which are now part of the M-Class series.

The M-Class series are 27 meter high speed offshore support vessels equipped with adjustable pitch propellers.

The 2 MAN engines combined with the CPP allow ships to reach speeds of 27 knots, the company said. Accommodation is available for six crew members.