March 3, 2022

North Star CEO, Matthew Gordon / Credit: North Star

UK-based offshore vessel owner North Star said it was recently awarded new Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV) contracts totaling more than £100 million (approximately £133.7 million). dollars).

As part of the contracts, North Star said it would support new and existing customers on the UK continental shelf with its rapid-response emergency fleet, specifically designed to protect personnel working on offshore oil and gas platforms. . He did not specify who the customers were.

“With additional one-year charter options, this is North Star’s largest Emergency Response Rescue Vessel (ERRV) backlog in years,” the company said, which operates a fleet of 41 ERRVs.

Its ERRV fleet is currently assigned to support 50 offshore oil and gas installations in the North Sea region.

Matthew Gordon, CEO of North Star, said: “Winning these important ERRV contracts worth £100 million demonstrates the industry’s continued confidence in our highly efficient and reliable fleet which continues to provide a safe place to incident for the thousands of people working offshore on oil and gas assets every hour of every day, solidly all year round.”