The Maritime Union of New Zealand says New Zealand coastal shipping is on an unprecedented growth curve as another New Zealand crewed vessel arrives on the New Zealand coast.

Pacifica Shipping announced a new 1300 TEU container ship Head of MV Takutai will begin on September 19 on an inter-island route between several New Zealand ports.

The vessel will complement the existing Pacifica container ship MV Chief Moana.

Maritime Union of New Zealand national secretary Craig Harrison said new shipping services would provide links between regional ports and major ports, and greater resilience in the supply chain.

“These services will provide a reliable, low-carbon option for cargo that will help solve port congestion and overcome current delays and unreliability in international shipping.”

He says the resurgence of cabotage is due to a positive and proactive approach by Transport Minister Michael Wood and the government in their maritime policy.

Mr Harrison said the Maritime Union was partnering with government, industry and training providers to create training opportunities for a new generation of New Zealand seafarers.

He says the short-sighted ideology of the past decades had undermined New Zealand coastal shipping, but the situation had changed completely in the past two years as the global COVID shock and a volatile international situation disrupted the channels. supply.

The announcement of government financial support for four operators to introduce new coastal shipping services, including Pacifica, was a game-changer for the sector in 2022.

In addition to Pacifica and three other operators who have received financial support, global shipper Maersk has introduced a new dedicated New Zealand coastal service, Maersk Coastal Connect, with two crewed New Zealand container ships.

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