Indonesian Chosmus Palandi, flag captain of Belize SB Cramoil Shareswas sentenced to a prison term by the Batam District Court on Wednesday (June 15) for transporting containers of hazardous and toxic liquid waste to Indonesia.

The Indonesian government concluded that the 48-year-old violated both environmental and navigation laws in Indonesia and noted SB Cramoil Shares To belong to Cramoil Singapore Pte Ltd – one of the licensed scrubber waste disposal companies in Singapore, he said.

Palandi was captured by Indonesian authorities on June 13, 2021 when the Batam Port Authority Patrol Team received information about the vessel entering the waters off Batam and ordered the vessel to leave the area.

The team found SB Cramoil Shares still in Batu Ampar waters two days later and also discovered 20 Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) of hazardous and toxic liquid waste on board.

The judgment in Palandi’s lawsuit was delivered on June 15 and revealed by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forests in a statement issued on Friday July 22. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and fined IDR five billion (USD 332,933.81).

Ratio Ridho Sani, director general of law enforcement at the ministry, said he appreciated the judge’s verdict to severely punish perpetrators of environmental crimes, saying it would have a chilling effect on parties trying to introduce smuggling waste into the country.

He added that the ministry had pledged to follow up on the court’s decision, which it considered a cross-border corporate crime.

“Currently, the ministry is investigating the origin of the waste carried by the ship and the companies involved in the case. Strict action against the perpetrators of waste smuggling and traffic pollution must be taken to protect Indonesian waters. and the environment. The main perpetrators, the manager and the companies involved must be severely punished,” he said.

He said the ministry had coordinated with the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore and would look into the matter further.

In April 2018, it was reported that Cramoil Singapore received a stop work order from Singapore’s national water agency, PUB, after it was caught discharging toxic sewage into public sewers. and it was a first for PUB to issue such an order.

Multiple times in May 2019, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) declared the company as one of the approved toxic industrial waste collectors (TIWC) likely to collect the scrubber residues generated by ships.

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Photo credit: Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forests
Posted: July 25, 2022