Terry Lillo and Keith Niemi round out the top five. Nelson set a new track record in the function with a quick lap of 15.805 seconds which translates to just over an average of 91 mph.

There were 94 cars on hand for an event that at one point looked questionable with rain earlier in the week. The race was fast but sometimes a battle of attrition because there were a lot of retirements.

Brandon Copp won in Modifieds and Kevin Burdick won in Super Stocks. Ryan Savoy won a sweep in Midwest Modifieds, winning both his Heat and his feature film.

Tristan Scheuermann (Pure Stocks) and Casey Fitzpatrick (Hornets) not only won their first feature films, but also their first sweeps.

Gondik Law Speed ​​Circuit
Friday Feature Film Results
Late models

1. Darrell Nelson, 2. Pat Doar, 3. Derek Vesel, 4. Terry Lillo, 5. Keith Niemi, 6. Travis Budisalovich, 7. Aaron Lillo. DNF: Kevin Carlson, Mike Bellefeuille, Jayme Lautigar, Kevin Eder, Jeffrey Massingill, Sam Mars, Deven VanHouse, Tim McMann. DNS: Robbie Cooper, Tim Lillo.


1. Brandon Copp, 2. Danny Vang, 3. Johnny Broking, 4. Bob Broking, 5. Al Uotinen, 6. Jeffrey Lien Jr., 7. Kelly Estey, 8. Tyler Luger. DNF: Shane Sabraski, Mike Anderson, Shaun Kreyer, Rick Rivord, Jody Bellefeuille, Craig Lofdahl, Skeeter Estey. DNS: Todd Gehl.

Super actions

1. Kevin Burdick, 2. Nick Oreskovich, 3. Brian Carl, 4. Matthew Dibb, 5. Doug Koski, 6. Keith Kern, 7. Jim Campbell, 8. Andy Grymala, 9. Rita Anderson, 10. Marc Nault. DNF: Scott Lawrence, DJ Keeler, Dave Flynn, Jim Urseth, Kyle Copp, Andrew Mackey, Shane Sabraski, Dan Peterson. DNS: Jamie Reberg, Matthew Hammitt.

Midwest Modified

1. Ryan Savoy, 2. Brady Uotinen, 3. Kennedy Swan, 4. Kyle Kirberger, 5. Dalton Mains, 6. Jack Rivord, 7. Andrew Inman, 8. Cory Jorgensen, 9. Kalan Wagner, 10. Jesse Polson, 11. Chris Bretting, 12. Evan Checkalski. DNF: Mike Klippenstein, Shane Howell, Zach Benson, Adam Shinn, Tanner Gehl, Wyatt Boyum, Cody Carlson, Tyler Vernon, McLean Andrews.

Pure actions

1. Tristan Scheuermann, 2. Trevor Treviranus, 3. Dylan Shelton, 4. Aaron Bernick, 5. Cory Jorgensen, 6. Tom Treviranus, 7. AJ House, 8. Eric Lillo 9. Jared Akervik, 10. Anthony Woodhull. DNF: Zene Anderson.


1. Casey Fitzpatrick, 2. DeJay Jarecki, 3. Nathan Rose Jr., 4. Kristy Marken, 5. Reid Johnson, 6. Carson Gotelaere, 7. Ken Hapy, 8. Patrick Passeri. DNF: Tyler Schramm, Hunter McDougall.