It was another Late Model rookie, Mike’s brother Jody Bellefeuille, who led the 20-lap race at the start before Mike passed him and Jody eventually vanished, with Tim McMann fending off Derek Vesel for second place.

The annual Meet the Drivers Night drew 84 drivers who took the opportunity to greet fans on the straight ahead of the action.

Jody Bellefeuille (Modifieds), Dave Flynn (Super Stocks) and Shane Howell (Midwest Modifieds) were the other winners on Friday in an evening that started with very good weather conditions but was interrupted by rain. Friday’s Pure Stock and Hornet features will race double on the next race night.

Wissota Race
Gondik Law Speedway, Superior
Friday Featured Winners
Late models

1. Mike Bellefeuille, 2. Tim McMann, 3. Derek Vesel, 4. Terry Lillo, 5. Aaron Lillo, 6. Deven VanHouse, 7. Jody Bellefeuille, 8. Kevin Carlson, 9. Tim Lillo. DNF: Kyle Peterlin.


1. Jody Bellefeuille, 2. Rick Rivord, 3. Bob Broking, 4. Brandon Copp, 5. Johnny Broking, 6. Al Uotinen, 7. Danny Vang, 8. Dan Kingsley, 9. Todd Gehl, 10. Jason Gross, 11. Tyler Luger, 12. Mike Klippenstein.

Super actions

1. Dave Flynn, 2. DJ Keeler, 3. Nick Oreskovich, 4. Jim Campbell, 5. Kyle Copp, 6. Andrew Mackey, 7. Andy Grymala, 8. Brian Car, 9. Patrick Beeksma, 10. Darin Meierotto, 11. Mike Sirois, 12. Jack Koranda, 13. Jeffrey Frey, 14. Rita Anderson. DNF: Justin Weinberger, Scott Lawrence, Dan Peterson, Keith Kern, Kevin Burdick.

Midwest Modified

1. Shane Howell, 2. Cody Carlson, 3. McLean Andrews, 4. Ryan Savoy, 5. Wyatt Boyum, 6. Jimmy Latvala, 7. Dalton Mains, 8. Matt Sorenson, 9. Grayson Pratt, 10. Chris Bretting, 11. Zach Slayton, 12. Paul Ripley. DNF: Tanner Gehl, Andrew Inman, Rick Siiter, Jesse Polson, Jack Rivord, Brady Uotinen.