PROCTOR — Brule’s Kyle Copp held off a strong field of 29 cars to win the FastLane Northland Super Stock Series stop on Sunday as part of Season Championship Night at Halvor Lines Speedway.

Copp started the 25-lap feature from pole position and took his fourth win of the season while Dustin Nelson was second and Dylan Nelson third. Copp won the sweep as he also won his round.

The seven-race series was originally scheduled to take place at Proctor on July 31, but the rain broke down. Series spokesman Dennis McCauley said Dustin Nelson would take home $1,600 for winning the series title, with Sabraski, despite missing a race, earning $1,500 for second and Nick Oreskovich $1,400 for third.

Duluth’s Jody Bellefeuille lost to Hermantown’s Darrell Nelson in their Late Model series but turned things around by holding off Nelson in the 20-round final. Bellefeuille took pole position for the final while Nelson charged from the starting sixth spot.

Tim McMann held off Derek Vesel to win the other round of the Late Model.

Nelson won the modified 20-round final, followed by Shane Sabraski of Rice, Minnesota, and modified rookie Jack Rivord of Superior.

Cody Carlson of Superior won a sweep in Midwest Modifieds while Tyler Kachinske of Duluth (Pure Stocks) and AJ House of Cloquet (Hornets) were Sunday’s other winners.

Late Model rookie Danny Vang of Deerwood, Minnesota won the season points championship in Late Models, with McMann far behind. Brule’s Brandon Copp held off Bellefeuille for the modified points title, while Oreskovich of Mason, Wis., beat Superior’s Scott Lawrence in the Super Stocks, 735 points to 687.

Even Checkalski edged fellow Duluth McLean Andrews in a close game, 847-843, to claim the season points title in Midwest Modifieds, as did Cory Jorgensen in Pure Stocks with 819 points, just 10 more than fellow Duluth Aaron Bernick. Cloquet’s AJ House picked up a 175-point victory over the Hornets.

Northland drivers among national leaders

Josh Skorczewski of Aberdeen, South Dakota, has a slight lead over Vang in the Wissota Late Model National Points Rankings, 2,964 to 2,947. Eveleth’s Harry Hanson (2,171) and Proctor’s Kevin Burdick (2,096) are eighth and 10th respectively.

Sabraski leads nationally in the Modifieds (3,184) and Super Stocks (3,294) categories. Brandon Copp (3,021), Rivord (2,961), Bellefeuille (2,872) and Johnny Broking of Grand Rapids (2,609) are fifth, sixth, seventh and 10th respectively in Modified. Kyle Copp is ninth in Super Stocks with 2,632 points.

Northland has eight of the top 10 in Pure Stocks, with Jorgensen (2,198 points) and Austin Carlson of Cohasset (2,121) being one and two, Aaron Bernick of Duluth (2,065) fourth and Kachinske, a rookie, fifth ( 2034).

Grand Rapids’ Justin Barsness is third on the Hornets with 2,167 points while House is fifth with 2,111 points.

Halvor Lines Speedway, Proctor

Sunday’s Feature Results

1. Jody Bellefeuille, 2. Darrell Nelson, 3. Harry Hanson, 4. Danny Vang, 5. Dave Flynn, 6. Deven VanHouse, 7. Aaron Lillo, 8. Tim McMann, 9. Terry Lillo, 10. Robbie Cooper, 11. Ronnie Malecki, 12. Chris Lillo, 13. Eric Lillo, 14. Tim Lillo. DNF: Derek Vesel.

1. Darrell Nelson, 2. Shane Sabraski, 3. Jack Rivord, 4. Brandon Copp, 5. Hunter Anderson, 6. Jody Bellefeuille, 7. Jeffrey Lien Jr., 8. Dan Kingsley, 9. Tanner Williamson, 10. Weston Ramsrud, 11 years old. John Carpenter. DNF: Donnie Lofdahl, Billy Kendall III.

1. Kyle Copp, 2. Dustin Nelson, 3. Dylan Nelson, 4. Shane Sabraski, 5. Shawn McFadden, 6. Nick Oreskovich, 7. Scott Lawrence, 8. Darin Meierotto, 9. Patrick Beeksma, 10. DJ Keeler, 11. Matt Deragon, 12. Austin Niemeyer, 13. Andrew Johnson, 14. Tucker Quinn, 15. Brian Carl, 16. Mike Sirois, 17. Thomas Karaba, 18. Josh Saunders, 19. Allan Cleveland, 20. Dan Peterson. DNF: Josh Schmidt, Andrew Mackey, Chris Johnson, Don Livingston, William Fisher, Taylor Madrinich, Jeffrey Frey, Jeremy North, Stefan Hogue.

1. Cody Carlson, 2. Ryan Savoy, 3. Kennedy Swan, 4. William Moelter, 5. McLean Andrews, 6. Tanner Gehl, 7. Evan Checkalski, 8. Taylor Madrinich, 9. Matt Sorenson, 10. Jared Akervik, 11. Paul Ripley, 12. Tacoma Randall. DNF: Austin Blom, Todd Carlson.

1. Tyler Kachinske, 2. Aaron Bernick, 3. Nate Rose, 4. Dylan Shelton, 5. Jessie Limberios, 6. Guy Gaskill, 7. Tom Treviranus, 8. Anthony Woodhull. DNF: Rob Christian. DNS: Cory Jorgensen. DQ: Joe Pajtash.

1. AJ House, 2. Justin Barsness, 3. Keegan Kough, 4. Joshua Kough, 5. Alyssa Nelson, 6. Kristy Marken, 7. Tristen McLynn, 8. Marty Serbus, 9. Lucas Lillo, 10. Brandon Anderson, 11. Richard Andrews Sr., 12. Noah Rose, 13. Eva Lillo. DNF: Bonnie McLynn.