With many companies already planning commercial space travel in the near future, the race to be first is exciting. Meanwhile, there are other startups with lofty goals, but not the point where zero gravity begins. Since those who get used to it will want to celebrate with a bottle of bubbles, Maison Mumm presents the Cordon Rouge Stellar.

To ensure that the champagne and its container withstand all forces during launch and in weightlessness, safety measures are in place. There’s also the question of how sparkling wine can be served given that it won’t exactly pour from its container.

Fortunately, all these specificities are no longer problems after four years of research and development. As it stands, the Cordon Rouge Stellar has “achieved full compliance with space requirements through collaboration with CNES, attesting to its readiness for future spaceflight,” the press noted.

Maison Mumm also reveals the stylish aesthetic of the bottle that contains their alcoholic beverage. They still use glass but cover it with an aircraft-grade aluminum shell for extra protection. A traditional cap covers the opening, but it uses a special mechanism to dispense a portion of Cordon Rouge Stellar.

Press the bottom button and the champagne comes out and collects in the top ring. With a small shake, the liquid will form a sphere that the astronauts can then collect via a special glass. Maison Mumm partners with Axiom Space who will serve the Cordon Rouge Stellar during their spaceflights.

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Images courtesy of Maison Mumm