Calling all candle connoisseurs: we have found a new collection that you will proudly display in your home! Seraphine’s Gold, known for her beautifully patterned vases, collaborated with textile and interior designer Lori Weitzner to create a captivating line that celebrates the inspiration of travel. And as you’d expect from these collaborators, not only do the candles smell good, but the containers are chic enough to serve as decor! The collection of four long-lasting candles takes you around the world and instantly transforms the mood of your space.

For the founder of L’or de Séraphine, Dara Weiss, the collaboration was a moment of closure. “Growing up, my mom was an interior designer and was always a fan of Lori Weitzner’s work,” she says. “She incorporated Lori’s fabrics and wallcoverings into many of the homes she decorated. I knew Lori’s gorgeous fabrics would translate so well into the candle vase designs.”

Seraphine’s Gold

Weitzner’s ability to translate his designs into corresponding fragrances is the true delight of this collection. Each ship is unique, inspired by the destinations Weitzner loves. “The patterns on these candles reflect the four places that inspire me the most, all in different ways: Indonesia, Japan and India, where I often develop my wallcoverings and textiles with local artisans, and the islands Turks and Caicos, who restore me.” explains Weitzner.

There is a particular story behind each candle, honoring phrases and practices found in each country. Diam, which translates to “being still” in Indonesian, is a blend of massoia wood, amber, sandalwood and patchouli. It is inspired by the practice of the Indonesian flower bath. If you are looking for a bright and tangy candle, the Float candle captures notes of teakwood, citrus, sandalwood as a nod to the healing water of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Candle Diam


“The balance of color and pattern in the designs was key; they had to look beautiful as stand-alone ceramic accessories, but also connect to the scents they contain,” says Weitzner. “It’s really this connection between visual design and fragrance that excites me the most.”

Nothing compares to coming home from the holidays and lighting a candle to relax. You will come back to these candles again and again to reflect on your time abroad. You can shop the collection through L’or de Seraphine starting today (the candles are $48 each).

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