The Kibble Katcher has done it again, adding another pet product award to its repertoire!

WALNUT, Calif., September 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This innovative and beautiful dog feeder inspired by mid-century modern design has been selected as the winner of the Product of the Year award by the Pet Innovation Awards 2022.

The kibble catcher is an invention of Brandon Kennington, president of Los Angeles-based product development company BlueKube. A lifelong dog lover, Kennington didn’t like the idea of ​​sending the family pet to another room during meals.

Regular dog bowls tip over easily causing kibble to fall out and water to spill everywhere. When kibble and puddles mix, you have a gross, soggy mess on your hands. Even with other dog feeding stations on the market, kibble and water still end up on the floor.

One crucial feature that regular dog feeders lack is to promote better posture, healthier eating and drinking habits, and better digestion in dogs.

But what do dog bowls and the Kibble Katcher have to do with dog health?

When your dog wants to drink big sips of water at a time, that’s where the Kibble Katcher’s floating disc in the water bowl comes in! It floats gently to allow only a certain amount of water to rise to the surface while encouraging your dog to drink slowly.

Due to the angled shelf of the Kibble Katcher, the food bowl is at a better angle to promote correct posture while eating. With a regular dog bowl on the floor, your dog should eat head down at a low angle.

This positioning of your dog’s body can negatively affect the spine and lower back. So with the Kibble Katcher that lifts food and water bowls off the ground, your dog can eat more mindfully while standing in an improved posture.

The Kibble Katcher features an angled, dishwasher-safe aluminum surface that directs stray kibble and dripping water to the two separate catch trays. When you spot kibble and water, remove the catch trays and pour the contents into their appropriate bowl. Nothing is lost !

Dog bowls are vessels for feeding your dog and quenching their thirst, but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide our canine companions with a better eating and drinking experience. So keep kibble and water off the ground and enjoy a cleaner feeding station.

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