The expression “Love knows no barriers” is true for a couple of from Kerala The district of Alappuzha, which, despite several obstacles caused by the heavy rains and flooding underway in the state, decided to get married. They sailed in a kitchen ship through flood waters to reach their destination to enter the marriage.

Dedicated to reaching the temple dry and ready for marriage, fully decked out in their wedding attire and adornments of worship, the groom and bride used a large kitchen vessel to reach the temple as the whole neighborhood was flooded. of water up to the knees.

Kerala couple use kitchen container to reach temple on wedding day amid heavy flooding

In an unusual incident, groom Akash, from Thakazhi, and bride Aishwarya, from Thalavadi were married on October 18 in Alappuzha. The couple sat in a large kitchen vessel and reached the temple to get married despite the flooding. The wedding was celebrated at the Thalavadi Panayannurkavu temple.

Republic World has accessed videos of the unconventional incident, in which the couple can be seen sitting in a ship and with them two other people can be seen helping them move the ship to safety. In front of the couple is the wedding photographer, who captures the unusual incident to keep lasting memories of how the couple got married amid the flooding.

The couple were able to reach the temple safely and got married. After the ceremony, the newly married couple also received blessings at the Panayannurkavu Temple, as they sat inside the ship.

Kerala is the scene of severe flooding

Kerala experiences exceptionally severe rainfall as well as landslides. According to the Kerala Department of Information and Public Relations, on Sunday the death toll from torrential rains and landslides rose to 21. Staff from the three state armed forces, the army, the navy and air force, was forced to rescue. and restoration efforts. Heavy rains also fell in several sections of the Kanyakumari region of Tamil Nadu, causing flooding in the Thirparappu waterfalls. Several people have been injured and displaced in the southern part of the state as the dams reach full capacity. Heavy rains have further triggered flash floods and landslides in many areas, prompting the state government to seek further assistance from the defense forces in rescue operations.

Meanwhile, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast that heavy rainfall activity over Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry will likely subside from today.

Image: Republic of the World