Spectacularly moored on the River Thames in central London, Fure Vinga has opened its doors to 500 invited visitors as the world’s first midsize tanker that will meet the UN 2050 climate targets for shipping. 170 IMO delegates, gathered in London to push forward global restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions, came on board to see how Swedish shipping company Furetank put its goals into practice.

Furetank and the Swedish government have invited all international delegations attending the 78th meeting of the United Nations Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) to a ship demonstration and guided tour with shipping professionals.

The MEPC 78 meeting focuses on combating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport, which makes this study visit very relevant. Three years ago, Furetank was invited to the committee to talk about his new vessels, reducing environmental emissions through innovative design. At the event, they were able to experience one of the ships first hand.

– It’s amazing how people react, they didn’t think it was possible to go all the way. With this event, we want to convince decision-makers that it is possible to introduce stricter requirements to reduce emissions: industry will solve it. Furetank is a family business. We invested what we could to have a positive impact on the future, says Lars Höglund, CEO of Furetank.

IMO: “Quiet, clean and green”

The Vinga series of vessels consists of 8, soon to be 10, sister vessels deploying state-of-the-art technology such as LNG/LBG propulsion, hybrid battery solution, connection to shore power and several other innovative features reducing fuel consumption. fuel and energy.

The result is a considerable reduction in CO2, SOx, NOx and hazardous particulate emissions. Already today, the series of ships are meeting their share of the IMO’s total emissions target for the global fleet: to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

– This ship is very quiet, very clean and very green: it represents the image we want for the entire industry. This is a very tangible result of the progress and regulations we have put in place at the IMO. When you visit and explore a ship like this, you realize that transition is possible and not something for the future, it is the present. This demonstrates that the private sector can support and accelerate greener shipping, says Arsenio Dominguez, Director of IMO’s Marine Environment Division, after taking the guided tour around Fure Vinga.

Aligned with Sweden’s climate goals

Swedish Ambassador to London Mikaela Kumlin Granit gave a speech declaring that by 2045 Sweden should have net zero greenhouse gas emissions. The transformation of the transport sector is essential.

– It’s wonderful to be here to help showcase Swedish solutions for the green transition and especially in shipping. I am deeply impressed by the excitement I feel here, watching these entrepreneurs realize a vision. It is completely aligned with Sweden’s climate goals and that is why the government sees it as a fantastic example of what we can do.
Source: Furatan