The players of Genshin Impact who finally explore the Inazuma region will soon realize that the famous polearm wielder Raiden Shogun serves as Beelzebub’s vessel, serving as the current Electro Archon. Fans interested in learning more about Raiden Shogun’s story can do so in his “Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter”, which serves as his story quest.

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In the vein of other story quests, completing Raiden Shogun’s story in Genshin Impact is not exactly child’s play. When players enter Act 2 of its story, “Cleansing Light” becomes a rather tricky mission to complete. This is especially the case if the players haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on around them. In this situation, where are the “marks left behind” in this quest?


Unlocking Story Quests: A Quick Overview

While fans may have heard of Cleansing Light’s story as a quest that provides some interesting insights into Genshin Impact lore, it can help players remember that Cleansing Light is a story quest. Unlike other quests, a story quest is tied to the lore of specific characters, which means players need special requirements to unlock them. Here are some reminders for players who feel a little lost as to why they haven’t unlocked Cleansing Light yet:

  • Unlock story quest feature: Players can only access story quests once they have completed AR 26. This means that newcomers or veterans using a smurf account or a second account would not be able to do story quests immediately.
  • Unlock story events with keys: Before players can access an actual story quest, they must first unlock them via special keys. These are acquired through Daily Commissions, of which players must complete eight (8) to obtain a Story Quest Key.

Unlock Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter

In the case of Raiden Shogun herself, Cleansing Light is part of her storyline called Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter. In addition to treating this as a typical story quest, players must complete specific requirements before they can even unlock the main questline. They must first achieve the following objectives:

  • Adventure Rank Requirement: Players must be at least Adventure Rank 40 to trigger the events that start this story quest.
  • Story mode progress: Players must have completed Chapter 2: Act 2: Omnipresence over Mortals to unlock the questline.

Who is Raiden Shogun?

Before players dive deep into the Cleansing Light questline, it helps to better understand the background behind this. Genshin Impact quest to learn more about its implications in the larger meta. Basically, Cleansing Light is part of a questline only available after unlocking Raiden Shogunas it serves as his character arc in the game.

In Genshin Impact, Raiden Shogun is the stern but honorable ruler of Inazuma. With the Genshin Impact Renowned for his swordsmanship, the Shogun will stop at nothing to protect the dear nation in the name of his Archon. In fact, Raiden Shogun is actually an artificial vessel created by Ei, the Electro Archon, to serve as his body when he is in the mortal realm. When Ei meditates in Euthymia’s plan, the Shogun takes over via artificial intelligence and follows Ei’s orders.

Recap: The Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter (So Far)

While players can dive straight ahead and complete the rest of the purifying light requirements and complete the quest, fans of Genshin Impact lore might want to look at the larger context of Cleansing Light’s story – in particular, the Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter which serves as the name of Raiden Shogun’s overall story quest.

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At its core, this story quest aims to reconcile Ei and Raiden Shogun’s feelings about Inazuma’s current state, and how their perception of “Wishes” and “Eternity” is affected by certain events. that plague the city. Players who have just unlocked Raiden Shogun and want to get to know her intimately would greatly benefit from learning more about her personality while pursuing this story quest.

Act 1: Reflections of Mortality

Before players really dive into Cleansing Light, it might help first to at least get a glimpse of what happened to Raiden Shogun after she met the Traveler. These events are elaborated in Act 1: Reflections of moralitywhich is the first half of the Raiden Shogun story quest, consisting of four (4) quests.

This particular story arc revolves around Ei and the powerful Raiden Shogun taking a trip around Inazuma to deal with some matters, specifically a raging thunderstorm that threatens to ravage the area. Throughout their journey, Ei and her ship deepen their understanding of the concept of “eternity,” something Ei can physically interact with, and how their experience in the world is drastically different from what they expected.

Act 2: Temporary dreams

Once players have completed Act 1, they can continue with Act 2: Temporary dreams. This serves as the final half of Raiden Shogun’s story arc, which will see him and the Traveler avert an impending apocalypse that strikes from the deepest recesses of eternity. Again, this questline is split into a series of quests, this time three (3) objectives. It is in this act that players discover the purifying light.

Step into the Cleansing Light: A Summary

When players begin Act 2: Transient Dreams of Raiden Shogun’s story quest, they are greeted with his first quest: cleansing light. Here, players can finally get a close look at the storm brewing on the horizon in Act 1. However, this weather phenomenon turned out to be much worse than players had anticipated. After encountering a horde of rifthounds, Raiden Shogun comes to their aid and notices how similar the presence of rifthounds was to incidents that occurred in Inazuma around 500 years prior, around the same time of the cataclysm that engulfed the ancient civilization. of Khaenri’ah.

Ei and Raiden Shogun eventually reveal that due to the Sacred Sakura, the ley lines surrounding Inazuma are constantly being purified of dirt. Due to the ongoing storms, contaminated dirt allows violent memories to resurface, while purified dirt allows peaceful memories to manifest. As a result, Cleansing Light will have players encounter various people who once lived in Inazuma, almost all of whom have encountered Ei at some point.

Step 1: Talk to Katheryne

Players officially start Cleansing Light by treating it like a regular commission. Due to the alarming presence of the storm near Inazuma, it makes sense for an adventurer like the Traveler to want to help with preparation, evacuation, and other business. As such, they must speak to Katheryne in Inazuma.

This will prompt him to inform the player that the rifthounds have begun targeting the Sacred Sakura, with the Tenryou Commission being vastly outnumbered in the process. If players teleport to the Great Narukami Shrine and walk a little northeast, they will immediately spot some rifthounds wreaking havoc in the area.

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Stage 2: Fight the Rifthounds

When players encounter the rifthounds near the Sacred Sakura, they immediately become aggressive and fight them. Players must defeat them with various Genshin Impact weapons like swords in order to progress through the story. The fight will see players battle three (3) Rockfond Rifthound Whelps, three (3) Rockfond Rifthounds, three (3) Thundercraven Rifthounds, and two (2) Thundercraven Rifthound Whelps.

Although players can easily send these waves, it makes sense that they feel a bit overwhelmed. And just when players think things are going to get a whole lot tougher, a friendly face will appear to help them out: Raiden Shogun.

Step 3: Find the marks left behind

Perhaps the most confusing aspect of Cleansing Light, players are now advised to search marks left behind in order to access more Inazuma history. To do this, players must travel a certain path through these marks, which are not easily identified by the traveler’s special vision. Instead, players must spot bluish slashes, similar to the color when the Sacred Sakura is damaged. After Paimon’s signal, players should head right and straight to a broken bridge. Crossing it will lead to a mark spread out on the side of a cliff, which players must climb. Then they have to move past floating cubes and down the cliff next to a waterfall, where the final mark is laid out on the road. Next, a cutscene occurs and players will experience the spirit of a samurai.

Stage 4: Defeat more Rifthounds

Although players have technically found the marks left by Cleansing Light, they may as well continue with the rest of the quest. After completing the previous task, players – now only as Raiden Shogun and his trusty sword – should take the rocky path and notice another batch of rifthounds plaguing the area. Luckily, the Raiden Shogun’s skills should be able to help players take down the threat much faster. What’s key here is defeating the rifthounds as soon as possible, as this will eventually trigger a cutscene involving Furuyama and a clue to what happened to Inazuma in the past.

Step 5: Find the tea master

After the rather exhausting battles against the rifhounds using various Genshin Impact characters and looking for clues, players at least get a calmer way to complete the rather lengthy quest. In this last part of the quest, Furuyama, who wanted to serve tea to his guests, needed the players to go and borrow a tea set. They are directed to the Kamisato Estate, where Hirano would ask them to wait. It’s a good time for Raiden Shogun to answer players’ questions about Inazuma’s past. After acquiring the tea set, players can return to Furuyama to continue their conversation. Unfortunately, with the Ley Line too weak to maintain Furuyama’s presence, players would just have to enjoy a nice cup of tea with Raiden Shogun.

Genshin Impact was released in 2020 and is available now on PC, PS4, PS4, iOS, and Android.

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