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How mature are you quiz

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How mature are you quiz

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A medical TV show is on tonight and there are some very explicit images. You: Shrug We are all the same.

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My friends are jealous. Created by: kybride Did you go to a public school, or were you homeschooled?

How psychologically mature are you? | howstuffworks

If I care about someone I'm really working on it, but I slip into selfishness sometimes. My parents bought me my Mercedes when I graduated with my B. Get uncomfortable and leave the room.

My daddy made sure of that when he passed. I never go anywhere alone now that I'm a wifey.

How mature are you?

I lie when I have to, especially when I need to get myself in or out of situations. To be honest, I haven't really thought about it as much as I should. Went straight to a 4 year university. You: Blush, quickly get up, and go to your cubicle.

How mature/immature are you? | brainfall

Flying on the back of a dragon. Do you know how mature you are on an emotional level? Hey, I like to live in the moment. WHY ME?!!! You and completely take over. If your ificant other needed to talk about your relationship, quis would you do? Some define it by financial stability, sexual partners, or education.

How emotionally mature are you?

Yes, it's nothing fancy, but Horny women Truckee gets me from point A to point B. Why me?! I have been on my own and financially established since I was You laugh so hard that all of your friends end up ing you!

I'd say I'm pretty good. There are plenty of successful people who didn't need degrees.

Are you mature for your age? - quiz -

Love is a main purpose of life. What do you like to do in your free time? My ificant aree and I make decent money, and have little debt, so yeah. Fun people Those who aren't afraid to take time off People who challenge me, but in a good way Advertisement Do you feel like you need to control situations?

How mature are you?

I don't always see the point of boundaries. Got promoted at McDonalds.

I assume it's not appropriate. I thought it was funny. Should I count ol' Bess?

Not so sure about that,but whateves,lol You just yell Test it out right over here! I lost count somewhere around Went through situations that left them no choice. What is that?

It wasn't your fault! Advertisement Is there one act in your life that you're really proud of? Hell, yeah!

You blame your neighbor! In a box under the bridge.

How mature are you?

Be honest. Yeah, I'm a pretty silly person! You have average emotional control for your age.

Love makes me feel happy. Golly, I'll be 27 by then Make fun of BeeBee's on thenest.

Other than the k in student loan debt for those 7 years of "personal growth" at my fancy private college, yes. Not as well as I'd like. You: Shrug