The same attributes that make cast iron skillets popular for stovetop cooking are what make them ideal for baking pies. As any pie lover will tell you, a perfect flaky crust is key – and that’s where cast iron really comes into its own. Since cast iron is able to retain a lot of heat, it can help ensure that your crust is evenly browned (via Kitchen). cast iron manufacturer Field company Sharing that high heat also means the moisture in your crust will evaporate quickly, which is how you get those crispy layers that make for a truly wonderful pie crust.

While these reasons alone are enough to try your next pie in a cast iron skillet, Taste of home says the taller sides of a skillet give you the ability to make your pie deeper for an indulgent dessert brimming with your favorite toppings. Outside of maybe making an extra crust to cover the extra surface, the outlet says you don’t even have to adjust your pie recipes to make them work with cast iron, because the baking times and the temperatures won’t change from your normal pie container. So the next time you come home from the orchard after picking too many apples, you really have no excuse not to smash the cast iron and bake that rustic, hearty apple pie you’ve always dreamed of.