From a concept to a full-fledged luxury superyacht, we are witnessing the birth of Heesen Yachts’ longest and fastest ship to date. Last week in the south of the Netherlands, the 80-meter (262-foot) Cosmos project hit the water for the first time, reaching a major construction milestone.

The launch ceremony took place at the shipyard facilities in Oss, the Netherlands. The Heesen team worked hard to turn a ship that only lived in renderings into reality.

For its impressive size, this all-aluminum yacht offers remarkable performance. This was made possible by incorporating a lightweight hull and creating a low drag design, which was perfected by the naval architects of Heesen. One of the main challenges in designing this massive vessel was to ensure sufficient longitudinal strength.

However, the engineering team managed to make this beast capable of overcoming any obstacle. Project Cosmos is powered by four V20 MTU 4000 M73L engines. Two of them will deliver 3,600 kW (4,827 hp) each, while the other two will individually deliver 3,540 kW (4,747 hp). This is enough for this ship to move in the ocean with a top speed of 29 knots (33.3 mph). Considering its size, these numbers are quite impressive.

But it’s not just its performance that stands out. The sleek exterior features clean lines and plenty of glass surfaces that create a feeling of openness. As for the interior, Heesen made sure to make it spacious enough for 19 crew and 12 guests.

Not only that, but he decorated it with neutral tones and pops of blue to make passengers feel like they’ve stepped into a luxury floating mansion. Of course, there are also entertainment areas such as the centrally located onyx bar, beach club, jacuzzi and helipad.

The superyacht should be delivered to its owners in April of next year. Until then, it will remain at the shipyard facilities for commissioning before undergoing sea trials in the North Sea in February.