Frank Augst has been making waves in the bourbon community since launching the brand last summer, winning countless accolades in the meantime. Not to mention, the bottle’s eye-catching minimalist design intrigues the drinker long before they take their first sip.

The Kentucky-based distillery wasted no time on its first-ever lineup expansion, introducing a pair of new bourbons: Single Barrel Cask Strength and Case Study: 01 Mizunara Japanese Oak. Both expressions continue the brand’s labelless aesthetic, drawing attention to the liquid inside (there’s a small, removable sticker on the neck that’s guaranteed to leave no residue if you choose to peel it off).

The Single Barrel, aged for over 5 years and bottled between 123 and 125 degrees, strikes with a warm palate filled with baking spices, cinnamon and caramel. Meanwhile, the Case Study program will be Frank August’s most innovative line, named after the experimental housing project commissioned for the increased demand after World War II. This introductory expression, dubbed Case Study:01, features the result of five hand-selected barrels finished in Japanese mizunara oak casks.

Continuing to capture the nostalgia of 20th century American zeitgeist through the vessel of bourbon, Frank August’s Single Barrel and Case Study: 01 are expected to retail for around $127 and $160, respectively.